Criminal Investigator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 7, 2015


An effective cover letter for Criminal Investigator does not merely communicate the candidates’ professional strengths; rather it claims what the candidate can do for the hiring firm. Opting for a catchy and impressive opening for your cover letter and highlighting the value you’d be adding to the prospective firm can make all the difference.

• Formal language: Although a cover letter is a personalized document, it is the first formal correspondence a candidate has with his or her future employer and it must therefore be dealt with accordingly. Use a formal language and avoid any slangs or too much jargon.

• Address your letter to the right person: Research the firm you are applying at, find the name of the person who will be reading your letter and address your letter directly to them.


Criminal Investigator Cover Letter Sample


Fredrick Linton
560 Fiery Avenue
Houston, TX 56880
(005) 444 – 6666
fredrick . linton @ email . com

December 7, 2015

Mr. Robert Wesley
HR Manager
Homeland Security
543 Lilly Square
Houston, TX 56880


Dear Mr. Wesley:

As a seasoned and energized criminal investigator with 6+ years of experience in handling and solving varied crime cases including homicides, financial frauds, thefts and other law violations, I would like to be considered for a Criminal Investigator position at Homeland Security.

I have a track record of solving assigned cases in a systematic and timely manner, evidence handling, crime scene taping and suspect interrogation. My ability to handle cases tactfully while exercising high order reasoning to analyze the given scenario from all possible angles and then ruling them out one by one until the case is solved and underlying motive is exposed is what sets me apart from my competitors.

I’d like to see you in an interview at your earliest convenience to discuss the relevance of my candidacy to your vacancy in detail. I will call you next week t follow-up. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Fredrick Linton

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