Manager Goodbye Email to His or Her Team

Updated on: March 20, 2022

Change of any type in a professional environment can be quite difficult to handle especially when the change means that someone in your team or a supervisor is moving on.

But this kind of change is inevitable as employees move to other jobs all the time and managers retire after they have served a certain number of years.

Saying goodbye in any professional situation can mean a lot of untamed emotion.

After all, you spend a major part of your day at work and with people who sometimes become more than just colleagues.

This change in status can be difficult to digest but it needs to be done as greener pastures call or the time to retire nears.

Writing a goodbye email to your team can be a heartrending job to do. You never have the right words and even if you do, they never seem enough.

If this situation has bogged you down, you can take help from the following email sample from a manager who is saying goodbye to her team.

Sample Manager Goodbye Email to His or Her Team

To: KLUX Staff

Subject: Good Bye

Dear Members of KLUX Staff:

It is a bittersweet moment for me to announce my retirement from my position as a Manager at KLUX effective from the beginning of next month. While I look forward to spending some “me” time on my beach house, I am aware of how much I will miss my work and the people who put meaning into this it.

The previous fifteen years have been a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs as far as the success of KLUX is concerned. Despite receiving many commendations and awards on how well this company has done, I always knew that it wasn’t just me who was responsible for its roaring success. The immense support that each one of you backed me up will hold much more meaning than you could possibly know. You are a dedicated team and all of you are well aware of your individual abilities.

I hold great confidence in every member of the staff of KLUX that they will take my vision forward and taste success themselves. I spent a great time teaching you the tricks of this trade and learning much in the bargain for which I humbly thank you all. I will leave my personal telephone number and email address at the reception if any of you need to contact me after I have left. Please rest assured that I will be available for any assistance that I can provide.

I wish the best of luck to all!!

Sincere regards,

Courtney Caleb

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