Post Interview Thank You Email after Rejection

Updated on: April 11, 2019

It is not a great feeling to be rejected for a job.

However, professionalism states that you need to be the bigger person, and write an email, thanking the company or hiring manager that they took out the time to consider you.


Why should you write this when you were obviously not the choice for them?

Well, you don’t want to close doors for future employment, and there may be a chance that you will be considered for a job sometime later.

Also, it is just polite to send in a post-interview thank you email, even if you have been rejected. This way, the hiring manager will remember you and will think of you the next time an opportunity arises.

It is important to realize that hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters, and if they have rejected you, it probably means that they won’t remember your candidature for even a short period of time.

Make them remember. Sending a thank you email will take 5 minutes. But it may result in the hiring manager remembering you for a long time.



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Here is a sample post-interview thank you email after rejection that you can refer to.


Post Interview Thank You Email after Rejection


Subject: Thank You


Dear Mr. Pill:

Thank you for getting back to me in order to inform me that I have not been selected for a marketing executive position at Brett Hart Inc. It was a kind gesture from you, as now I can look for other opportunities that may suit me.

Even though I was thoroughly looking forward to working with your organization, I am sure that you have made the right decision. I appreciate the chance to speak with you and learn more about the company. It was extremely enlightening. I was especially interested in the marketing projects that you highlighted will be managed by the company. I see that Brett Hart Inc. is miles ahead of its competition, just as I figured that it would be.

Since I have aspired to work for your company for a long time, I have also kept tabs on its progress and will be doing so in the future as well, especially since we have discussed the new project at length. Your strategies are spot on, and I am positive that your organization will have a competitive advantage.

Please keep me in mind for any further opportunities that may spring up at Brett Hart Inc. I will remain in touch with your human resources department and will keep an eye out for news regarding openings. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.




Timothy Abel

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