Shoe Salesman Resume Sample

Updated May 15, 2019

As a shoe salesman, your main priority should be to fix your resume, when applying for a job.

By fixing, we mean that your resume should be formatted properly, and hold information that is necessary to a hiring manager.



A shoe salesman’s resume must be exceptionally well-structured.

Information regarding one’s experience in sales (particularly in a shoe selling capacity) must be highlighted.

As important is to ensure that the structure or format of your resume is navigable.



For a shoe salesman position, look through the following resume sample to gain ideas:


Shoe Salesman Resume Sample



James Cooper
7 Fall Road, Cary, NC18803
(000) 657-8575


Salesman with 7+ years of experience in selling shoes and accessories. Highly competent in determining customers’ requirements, and providing them with correlating services. Well-versed in meeting sales targets, while ensuring delivery of exceptional customer services.


Customer Engagement
Needs Assessment
Style Determination
Stock Management
Inventory Overview
Sales Closing
Store Organization
Aftersales Services
Returns Management
Visual Merchandising


  • Consistently met goals by 100%, between the years 2015 and 2018.
  • Implemented an inventory management system, as a result, decreased stocking issues by 80%.
  • Introduced a unique visual merchandising system, hence, increased sales by 50%.
  • Doubled as a cashier for 3 weeks, during a particularly busy sales season.


Bertie’s Shoes, Cary, NC | 2015-present

  • Welcome customers when they arrive at the shoe store.
  • Inquire into their show buying requirements.
  • Assist customers in choosing shoe types and styles from display boxes.
  • Measure customers’ shoe sizes.
  • Look for specific shoes in inventory, and retrieve the right sizes.
  • Assist customers in trying out shoes, as well as in fitting them on their feet.
  • Lead customers through the payment procedure.
  • Pack purchases, and provide information regarding returns and exchanges.
  • Clean and tidy up shelves and displays.
  • Ensure optimum levels of inventory, and communicate low stock situations to supervisors.
  • Respond to customers’ queries, and complaints in accordance with company policy.
  • Create and maintain records of sold, returned, and exchanged shoes and accessories.

Sales Assistant
First Show Company, Cary, NC | 2012-2015

  • Led customers to their choice of shoe displays.
  • Provided customers with information on different shoe types.
  • Retrieved shoes from stores and assisted salesmen in helping customers try them on.
  • Cleaned displays by dusting them, ensuring that display items are not damaged.
  • Assisted in setting up visual merchandise items as instructed.


High School Diploma
Cary High School, Cary, NC

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