Marketing Executive Job Description Sample

Updated on: April 21, 2022

The primary purpose of any marketing position is to formulate plans to develop customers’ interest in a product or a service.

Marketing executives have a huge role to play in planning and executing these plans. They are expected to determine market trends and devise and implement plans to meet the needs of the target market.

You will find marketing executives in both private and public sectors which may include financial organizations and retail ones.

Marketing executives are required to hold a degree in business to be able to qualify for this position.

There are many different activities that a marketing executive is expected to be a part of such as advertising, strategic planning, promotion, public relations, and distribution.

With a keen understanding of all these aspects, marketing executives perform research activities that help them understand their target markets and work to meet those needs effectively.

The role of a marketing executive is quite challenging as the responsibilities vary from project to project. People working in this position need to be focused on what they are trying to achieve.

To be able to understand this role in a more profound manner, refer to the list of job duties that a marketing executive is expected to perform.

Marketing Executive Duties and Responsibilities

• Identify target markets and analyze current market trends
• Research customers’ needs and wants as well as competition information
• Devise and implement strategic plans to meet customers’ demands
• Manage promotional activities to endorse products
• Monitor progress of promotional activities and record findings
• Liaise with media stakeholders to ensure appropriate coverage
• Develop effective marketing communication programs
• Write copy for marketing material such as brochures and websites
• Monitor marketing campaigns to ensure proper execution
• Manage marketing budgets and ensure that all marketing activities are managed within budgets
• Ensure effective distribution of marketing materials
• Secure sponsorships through appropriate soliciting activities
• Monitor competitive activity and evaluate marketing campaigns
• Maintain liaison with suppliers, printers, and designers
• Write and distribute press releases
• Manage photoshoots and update mailing databases
• Carry out customer surveys to understand demand and manage brand positioning
• Network with individuals and businesses to generate and identify business opportunities
• Manage social media forums to generate interest and monitor activity
• Manage periodic analysis of marketing efforts and campaigns