Esthetician Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 30, 2018

Estheticians perform tasks and procedures to improve their clients’ facial skin. This may include performing facials, laser therapies, waxing and makeup as well. They are the licensed skin care specialists who work in spas and cosmetic surgery facilities.

Estheticians analyze their clients’ skin types to determine what kind of procedure to perform to enhance it. They confer with clients to find out what their needs are and plan and execute methods to meet those needs.

They do not only perform beauty treatments, but they also treat patients with chronic skin problems such as acne and dryness. They are also expected to refer patients to dermatologists if a skin problem is beyond their understanding and control.

To work as an esthetician, it is vital that you have a high school diploma at the very least along with acquiring a license in cosmetology following a training program. If cosmetology interests you and you are a licensed professional, you may want to pursue a career as an esthetician. Take a look at the following job duties that an esthetician performs, before you write your resume:

Sample Job Description for Esthetician Resume

• Confer with clients to find their needs and cosmetology objectives
• Analyze skin type to figure out an appropriate plan of action
• Select a procedure that best conforms to the requirements of the client
• Provide education to clients regarding the procedure to be performed
• Give clients an overview of the products that will be used during procedures
• Ask clients if they are allergic to any products
• Steam skin to prepare it for facial treatments
• Administer facial masques and remove blackheads
• Perform exfoliation treatments and remove blackheads and unnecessary hair
• Perform skin toning procedures
• Manage nail and hair treatments
• Perform massage therapies following clients’ needs
• Carry out chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments
• Recommend home care regimes for skin, nail and hair care
• Attempt to sell the spa’s products to clients
• Escort guests to procedure rooms and sauna bath
• Prepare procedure rooms before each procedure
• Manage the overall inventory of products
• Ensure that all equipment used in therapies is cleaned and maintained at all times
• Take client medical history and record all information in the database
• Follow up with clients by telephone and email