Millwright Resume Sample

Updated on: January 6, 2022

Millwrights work in industrial settings to maintain and construct industrial machinery.

These professionals may work with pumping stations, assembly lines and several other utilities to get their jobs done.

The following is a standard resume for a millwright and can be used as a template to create your very own.

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Millwright Resume Example

Percy Donovan
26 Eastfield Drive
Sussex, NJ 99393
(000) 125-4245

Bringing knowledge of automated machinery and manual dexterity, to add to the value of the company in the industrial arena.

• Over eight years of hands-on experience as a Millwright
• Highly experienced in inspecting and repairing mechanical equipment
• Hands on experience in providing direct preventive and predictive maintenance on pumps, turbines, and other specified machinery
• Proficient in determining material needs and vibration analysis
• Forklift Certification
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Introduced a complex feedback system for determining each project’s material needs and job methods
• Accredited with Employee of the Year Award three times in a row for excellence in maintaining the company’s machinery to the highest of standards


TROMAKERS, Sussex, NJ                           
(2015 – Present)
• Perform direct repair and preventive maintenance on industrial machinery
• Study and evaluate commonly rotating equipment
• Rebuild equipment according to set standards
• Lubricate equipment as and when needed
• Perform vibration analysis and laser alignment as and when required
• Fabricate and install parts as needed

Maintenance Worker
City of Orlando, Orlando, FL                           
(2011 – 2015)
• Performed general minor maintenance tasks including masonry, painting, and carpentry
• Cleaned of tools and equipment
• Carried out a variety of tasks involving considerable physical effort
• Operated power tools

Diploma: SOME SCHOOL, Orlando, FL

• Ability to operate hand and power tools and read blueprints
• Profound understanding of troubleshooting procedures