Sales Coordinator Resume: Sample, Job Description, Skills

Updated on: March 26, 2023

Sales coordinators provide ongoing support to an organization’s sales team. They are responsible for managing profit-generation activities, managing accounts, scheduling sales meetings, and preparing presentations.

The primary job of a sales coordinator is to ensure that all sales-related tasks are handled in a manner that is conducive to every stage of the sales process.

Employers look for sales coordinators who have a great ability to multitask as there are many different aspects of this job that need to be handled on any given day.

People who apply for this position need to ensure that their resume holds information about their skills in handling sales-related activities.

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Study the example given below for further guidance:

Sales Coordinator Resume Example

Melissa Armand
Jasper, AL
 (000) 102-1412 
Melissa.a @email . com


• Highly organized and well-informed sales professional with strong attention to detail targeted at handling pre and post-sales processes-related activities.
• Strong customer service skills with a keen ability to work towards total customer satisfaction.
• An active learner who has a verifiable track record of practicing good judgment.
• Proficient in using technology to aid sales coordinating tasks.
• Competent in developing and sustaining effective relationships with customers for increased business opportunities.
• Known for providing administrative support to different departments aimed at coordinating sales efforts appropriately.

• Contributed valuable insight to the marketing department which engendered organized marketing activities and outreach programs.
• Optimized sales by collecting and submitting valuable market trend information to the sales department.
• Performed product performance assessments which provided the company with valuable feedback on the company’s product.
• Introduced a public-facing online calendar of upcoming sales events which made sales events more comfortable to manage.


Sales Coordinator
Screen Vision, Jasper, AL
2018 – Present
• Assist the sales team by focusing on managing schedules and following up on sales quotations.
• Respond to online telephonic queries.
• Liaise between departments to provide support to sales activities.
• Assess the progress of sales activities.
• Assist in devising and implementing sales strategies.
• Follow up on all inquiries and prepare sales proposals.
• Perform sales reporting and analysis.
• Handle contract management and digital operations.

Sales Assistant
United Technologies, Jasper, AL
2014 – 2018
• Set sales meetings and appointments.
• Interacted with prospective customers to determine their needs.
• Developed elevator pitches and sales presentations.
• Built and populated target databases with crucial sales information.
• Tracked sales activities and prepared reports.

Bachelor of Business Administration
State University – Jasper, AL 
Major: Sales and Marketing

• Multitasking
• Teamwork
• Great attention to detail
• Customer Service
• Communication

Sales Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Have a look at the following list of job duties particular to the position of a sales coordinator. These statements will help you when preparing your resume.

  • Respond quickly and efficiently to all incoming calls for information.
  • Ensure that all incoming emails are replied to in a prompt fashion and with pertinent information.
  • Prepare proposals for new and existing customers and facilitate the showing of facilities and services.
  • Contract bookings and assist sales consultants in the execution of sales processes.
  • Generate lists of prospects and contact them by following standard operating procedures.
  • Coordinate and execute sales and service events.
  • Prepare sales-related documents such as contracts and event orders.
  • Promote awareness of the company’s brand image.
  • Gather materials and assemble information packages for specialized sales events.
  • Contact customers, make appointments, and relay information to designated sales personnel.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by accurately processing the order.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure that any issues are handled immediately.
  • Maintain sales records and prepare sales activity reports.
  • Record the progress of all customer inquiries.
  • Encourage repeat business by networking with existing customers.
  • Provide input and ideas into marketing initiatives and assist in monitoring responses.
  • Assist in actualizing marketing strategies and maintaining business communication with customers.
  • Communicate with distributors and company representatives to resolve queries aimed at business practices.
  • Act as the face of the company by appearing in sales conferences and events.

Sales Coordinator Skills for Resume

To see what skills statements you can write in a sales coordinator resume or cover letter, take a look at the following examples:

  • Expert in planning, implementing, and managing sales educational workshops
  • Highly skilled in identifying bottlenecks within sales processes, and providing plausible solutions
  • Exceptionally talented in providing administrative support to sales teams
  • Well-versed in managing the distribution of sales resources and materials, and maintaining an inventory of supplies
  • Effectively able to place orders for required materials in a timely manner
  • Deeply familiar with working with various departments in order to pull together resources for sales presentations
  • Proven ability to utilize company resources so as to develop and maintain filing systems required to keep active sales
  • Solid track record of effectively helping sales representatives in improving their productivity
  • Proficient in contacting customers and prospects in order to arrange appointments and make follow-up calls
  • Expert in acting as the first point of contact for calls, emails, and messages regarding sales activities
  • Able to effectively contribute to customer satisfaction by ensuring order accuracy and timely processing
  • Unmatched ability to create and maintain liaison with vendors to ensure timely delivery of products
  • Ability to coordinate delivery efforts between departments, ensuring that orders are delivered on time
  • Well-versed in arranging presentations and support materials, in support of sales representatives
  • Competent in preparing sales reports on a periodic basis, in order to help the management understand and appreciate sales efforts
  • Adept at providing information to finance departments regarding completed as well as future or expected orders