Sales Support Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 4, 2019

Avoid the following mistakes when writing a cover letter for a sales support coordinator position.

• Focusing on features of your candidacy rather than your benefits


• Failing to reflect on the value you would bring to the company

• Grammatical mistakes and typos

• Failing to personalize

• Ignoring the employer’s specific needs associated with the position



• Writing flat beginnings and endings




Sales Support Coordinator Cover Letter Example


Martha Gates
432 Thyme Ave, Phoenix, AZ 67008
(000) 965-5241

June 4, 2019

Mr. Thomas Fairley
HR Manager
Century Links
144 Rainbow Lane
Phoenix, AZ 67008


Dear Mr. Fairley:

Order Support, Customer Account Management, Backlog Handling. Are these some of the strengths you’d like to see in your next sales support coordinator? If yes, then you may consider my resume.

Well versed in working closely with the managers and clients to determine business requirements, I am adept at facilitating the sales team administratively as they strive to achieve annual, monthly and weekly targets. The strengths I bring to Century links in the capacity of a seasoned sales support coordinator are showcased below for consideration:

✓ Track record of ensuring productive communication between clients and distributors.

✓ Exceptional ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

✓ Well versed in developing and sustaining client relationships.

✓ Adept at sales team facilitation including coordination of pre-sales material and after sale deliveries.

✓ Substantial knowledge of sales status analysis and sales agreement development.

As you can conclude from the statements mentioned above, my skills are finely tuned with your requirements. The enclosed resume will further reveal my suitability for the position.

I can’t wait to discuss my potential as a sales support coordinator in an interview. I will follow up on my job application next Thursday.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Sales Support Coordinator position at Century Links. 




Martha Gates

Enclosed: Resume

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