Lighting Sales Cover Letter for Resume

Updated on: February 27, 2019

The first thing that you have to do when applying for a lighting sales representative position is to create a cover letter.

Your Lighting Sales resume may be well-developed but if your cover letter isn’t, your job application set will not be complete.

In your cover letter for a lighting sales representative position, focus on telling the hiring manager how well you know the job.

Your knowledge of different types of lights and their use must be focused on. Also, your ability to sell lighting solutions to individual and corporate customers must be highlighted.

It is important to realize that the content of your cover letter will decide its future. So put in as much as you can about your skills in this regard.

When writing a cover letter for a lighting sales representative position, make sure that the format you choose is a friendly one.

Here is a sample to help you along:

Lighting Sales Cover Letter for Resume

February 27, 2019

Ms. Patty Smyth
Human Resources Manager
Rims Lighting Solutions
320 76th Avenue
Albany, NY 55640

Dear Ms. Smyth:

Upon reading your advertisement for a lighting sales representative position, I had no choice but to apply. Since your requirements are exactly what I have to offer, I am sure that I will be a good fit in your organization.

Presently, I am working as a lighting sales representative at SMD Lights Inc. I have held this position for over 2 years, during which, I have learned much about different lights and their uses. My sales skills can be gauged from the fact that I managed to meet targets by 100% during the time that I have worked in this capacity. Possessing exceptional knowledge of different lights, and what environments they can be used/installed in, I will need no training.

Developing and fostering relationships with corporate and individual customers is my strongest point. I am also qualified to develop and implement sales strategies by understanding competitive product offerings. Communicating sales strategies to channel partners such as agents, representatives, and distributors is my forte. In addition, I am competent in cultivating end-user relationships, as well as developing effective value propositions.

It would be an absolute pleasure to meet with you in order to discuss my suitability for a lighting sales representative position. I will call your office on Monday and can be reached at (000) 828-0009 if you need to speak to me earlier than that.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


William Princeton

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