9 Jewelry Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 13, 2022

9 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Jewelry Sales Job

1. What three traits qualify you for this Jewelry Sales job?

Convincing power, persistence, and interpersonal skills. These traits perfectly qualify me for this job.

2. What do you know about sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a brand that deals in silver and combination jewelry. Being a designer brand, each piece comes in a limited amount, and you also design exclusives for VIP clients in order.

3. Does ISO 9001 apply to jewelry sales?

Definitely! ISO 9001 sets quality standards for all retail-able items, including jewelry. ISO certification ensures quality adherence, and it aids retail since clients prefer buying ISO-certified items over noncertified ones.

4. Why should we hire you?

My profile offers -exactly what you seek. I bring 6+ years of experience in jewelry retail. An extroverted personality with great convincing power, I demonstrated the skills in up-selling various jewelry pieces at my previous workplaces.

5. Why did you leave your previous job?

I have gained substantial experience in my previous job. However, I left it since my family relocated to Arizona. 

6. Give me an example where you did some teamwork?

Working as a part of the sales team at Glow Jewelers, our group was assigned the task of reviving sales of a certain collection of studs’ assortments. I worked on various sales techniques with the team effectively, and we exceeded the sales target in one month.

7. What necessary daily tasks must a jewelry salesperson perform?

Daily tasks of a jewelry retail person include:

  • meeting and greeting incoming clients in a professional manner
  • assisting them through the decision-making process while guiding them about the specifications and prices of the pieces they are interested in
  • replacing all displayed items in their respective places
  • processing bills
  • receiving payment
  • filling out daily sales inventory.
8. Do you have any knowledge about gems and diamonds?

Yes, I have a personal interest in gems and diamonds. As a hobby, I have studied a lot about them and know the qualities and powers of various gemstones and diamonds on my fingertips.

9. Give an example of a situation where you were required to think outside the box?

During my previous job, there was a time when sales dropped, especially those of a specially designed pendant collection. To revitalize the sales, I needed to think out of the box.

I developed a very creative display and insisted every client wear the pendants while they decided on their purchase. The unique strategy helped me achieve the sales target needed for those pendants.