Judicial Clerkship Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 17, 2021

In order to be successful in a judicial clerkship job hunt, it is imperative to furnish your job application and resume with a cover letter.

As a clerk position requires a lot of writing, a cover letter serves as a sample of your written communication skills. Therefore, it must be written very thoughtfully and needs to be checked and rechecked for errors thoroughly before being dispatched.

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for a Judicial Clerkship Position?

Typically, a winning cover letter for a judicial clerk position must begin with an impressive opening paragraph.

The main body should highlight the employer specified core competencies needed for the job objectively, and the last section must form a closing that calls for action.

The following is a judicial clerkship cover letter sample for your guidance, to serve a sample.

Judicial Clerkship Cover Letter Sample

Richard Fischer
909 Hirsch Square
Hillsboro, OR 67223
(007) 222-8888
richard @ email . com

February 17, 2021

Honorable Joseph Michael
Judicial Department
State Courts
Hillsboro, OR 67223

Dear Judge Michael:

As a seasoned and energetic judicial clerk who is skilled in proofreading, memorandum preparing case documenting, I am applying for a Judicial Clerkship. If yes, then you might be interested in my attached resume.

There is a remarkable match between my skills and your job description as described below:

  • 5+ years of hands hands-on experience in creating flawlessly formatted case briefs and legal memoranda. 
  • Well practiced in filing and documenting cases and furnishing with details for court hearings.
  • Exceptional legal research and report writing skills for appeal cases.
  • Proficient in drafting opinions and proofreading all drafts issued by the judge.

In addition to the competencies mentioned above, I possess particular skills in record file keeping, calendar management, and judicial chamber coordination. I am the kind of person who performs best when I understand my employer’s specific demands and expectations.

After reviewing my attached resume, you will find my profile an exact fit for the opening. Please contact me at (000) 555-2510 today to schedule an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Richard Fischer


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