Breakfast Cook Job Description

Updated on: November 17, 2017

Position Overview

A breakfast cook is exclusively hired by food service establishments that serve breakfast as part of their menu.

While breakfast cooks are not only required to prepare and cook breakfast items, this is what their primary work is.

As a breakfast cook, it is your duty to make delicious food items such as eggs, sausages, breads, coffee, and pancakes, amongst other things.

Position Requirements

To qualify to work as a breakfast cook, you have to possess a high school diploma at the very least, with some background in cooking in this specialty. If you have courses, degrees or diplomas to your name, you will of course be considered a great person to hire at this position.

Knowledge of different types of breakfast cuisines such as local, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian will of course be a plus point. Additionally, you will be required to handle other duties in the kitchen, including overseeing food preparers to ensure that they are working properly, and making sure that all kitchen equipment is properly cleaned, repaired and maintained.

Furthermore, breakfast cooks are often expected to create recipes and assist management personnel in developing menus. Apart from this, it is imperative for them to be able to handle the various administrative issues pertaining to handling kitchens, so that smooth operations are ensured. Here is a list of duties particular to the position of a breakfast cook:


Breakfast Cook Duties and Responsibilities


• Confer with restaurant management to determine menu items, and create recipes according to the specific tastes of customer / patron population

• Train kitchen staff to prepare menu items, according to specified recipes, and oversee their work constantly

• Prepare breakfast items such as eggs, pancakes, flatbreads, turkey strips, bacon, and beans, according to specific recipes

• Look through order slips to determine what types of breakfasts have been ordered by patrons

• Create breakfast platters and plates according to order slips, ensuring that portioning is properly carried out

• Coordinate efforts with kitchen staff members to ensure that patrons’ breakfast platters and trays are delivered to their tables or hotel rooms in a timely manner

• Oversee food items inventory, and ensure that any low stock situations are communicated to kitchen managers in a time-efficient fashion

• Ascertain that the cleanliness and maintenance of the kitchen area is overseen, and ensured constantly

• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on kitchen equipment such as food processing machines, ovens, grills, and fridges

• Handle leftover food in a proper manner, in accordance with the restaurant’s protocols and procedures