Bookseller Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 4, 2021

For people who are avid readers, working for a bookstore is a dream come true.

Surrounded by what you love is a fantastic feeling. If this is what your job requires of you, well, you have it made!

Booksellers may own bookshops or work for them depending on separate employment arrangements. In either role, they perform the same job, and that is to sell books to customers.

Bookseller Job Description

Booksellers greet customers, ask them what book or magazines they would like to buy, and then help them locate their choices in the bookshop.

While bookselling is an exciting job, people do not only take it up due to their interest in it; there are sales targets to meet and money to make.

As part of their typical workday, they suggest books to customers according to their interests, promote new books and magazines, and market other products in the shop.

Since many bookshops sell stationery supplies as well, it is the job of a bookseller to give priority to them as well.

Duties and Responsibilities for Bookseller Resume

• Greet customers as they enter the bookstore and ask them how they can be assisted.

• Deal with inquiries and attempt to provide accurate answers regarding book titles and author names.

• Provide customers with information on book release dates and availability.

• Assist customers in locating books within the bookstore or escort them to their required aisles.

• Process book reservations and provide customers with information on book reservation requirements.

• Sell textbooks and stationery supplies to customers.

• Take payments for books and supplies sold – process checks, credit cards, and debit cards.

• Perform stock-checking of books within the store and handle inventory.

• Make a list of important textbooks and other reading materials and contact suppliers to procure them.

• Create and maintain liaison with schools and libraries to gauge their reading material and supplies requirements and procurement schedule.

• Maintain a presence in book fairs and reading sessions.

• Provide customers with suggestions on which books to read according to their interests.

• Create window displays by arranging books and other reading materials in an aesthetic manner.

• Maintain knowledge of upcoming books and their release dates.

• Deal with mail and web-based orders by responding in a prompt manner.

• Process invoices and balance cash register at the end of each shift.

• Review sales performance to gauge if book sales targets have been met.