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Updated on June 5, 2019

A job application set for sales girl position is never complete without an application or cover letter.

The application letter is merely a document that outlines an individual’s desire to work for a specific company. In addition, it provides information on how well she will be able to perform.


In essence, an application or cover letter for a sales girl job is a self-marketing letter.

Therefore, you have to make sure that the content is relevant to the needs of the employer.

Similarly, anything you write in your letter should be valuable to the hiring manager.

Ultimately, this will help them decide whether or not you should be called for a sales girl interview.


Sales Girl Application Letter Writing Tips

  1. Emphasize your sales and customer service abilities.
  2. Highlight your ability to communicate effectively in order to make a positive impression on customers.
  3. Since closing sales and ensuring repeat business is the fundamental work of anyone working in the sales arena. Therefore, you will need to provide examples of how you exceeded goals effectively.


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Here is a sample application for employment as a sales girl to give you a head start:

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Sales Girl Employment Application Letter Sample


585 King Street, # 44
Sun City, AZ 85414

June 5, 2019

Mr. Albert Simpson
Hiring Manager
913 N Shiprock Drive
Sun City, AZ 22321


Dear Mr. Simpson:

Please accept this letter as an application for the position of Sales Girl at Petco. As a skilled and personable sales professional with hands-on experience in retail sales, cash handling, and customer service, I feel confident that I will be a definite asset to Petco’s team.

I have a successful track record of not only meeting sales goals but also exceeding them on a regular basis.

Specifically, my qualifications include:

• Exceptionally talented in cash handling, up-selling, and merchandising.

• Highly skilled in communicating with customers in order to determine their specific needs.

• Efficiently demonstrating product features.

• Qualified to order, manage, and organize stock.

• Ensuring the adequate level of stock inventories.

Owing to my aesthetic sense and ability in designing and setting up displays and merchandise, I have often been specially asked to handle the visual merchandising work.

Owing to my friendly nature and a helpful attitude, I always go the extra mile to make customers feel comfortable. I am confident that a meeting between us will be exceptionally insightful. In order to set up an interview date and time, I will call you after a few days. Should you need to contact me in the interim, please feel free to call me at (000) 254-8547.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Felicity Grey



Sales Girl Application Letter Additional Tips

A well-written sales girl cover letter or application letter should highlight the following job skills and qualifications:

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