Retail Stock Clerk Cover Letter Example

Updated on: November 30, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

Getting into the right mindset is important for effective cover letter writing. If you spend just a few moments going through the company website, you will realize that you now know quite enough to be able to write a decent cover letter. Getting a sense of the company’s tone, language and culture will help you mirror the information in your cover letter.

Providing your worth to an employer is the main purpose of a retail stock clerk cover letter. To do this, you will realize that numbers are often more powerful than words are. As you make a list of your experiences, think carefully about where you can include numbers to support what you are trying to say. Thinking short and sweet is a great road to success. When you write long sentences, you test the reader’s patience and sadly, employers do not have much of it! They need facts like yesterday, and they need them to be absolutely spot on!

One of employers’ pet peeves is that candidates often provide long lists of accomplishment and experiences, without even once connecting them to the requirements of the company. This makes them think that you are writing a generic cover letter and maybe another 10 companies have received the same – even if you have specifically written it for that one company. Put in unique skills to show that you are a class apart and keep your cover letter very specific.


Retail Stock Clerk Cover Letter Example


77 North Street, Apt 55
Fort Wayne, IN 14142

November 30, 2015

Mr. Larry Jones
Hiring Manager
US Clothes
5 Hamilton Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 16725


Dear Mr. Jones:

I boast of vast experience, spanning over 5 years in the retail world and have specifically worked for clothing retailers during these years.

If hired as a retail stock clerk, you will find me:

• Well-versed in handling inventorying, pricing and stocking duties, with special focus on ensuring that all 4 Ps of marketing (place, price, product and promotion) are kept in check
• Competent at designing and setting up advertising displays as part of visual merchandising campaigns
• Proficient in creating effective communication with vendors to ensure delivery of correct merchandize in a time-efficient manner

By contributing my input into US Clothes, I am positive that I will be able to increase customer base and retain existing customers by employing novel marketing techniques, and also ensure operational smoothness of stocking operations.

Let’s meet in person and discuss this further. I will contact your office soon to ask for an interview time. Please feel free to call me at (999) 999-9999 if you need any information that you do not find in the enclosed resume.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Solomon Pine

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