Retail Cover Letter Example

Updated on: August 14, 2021

Working in retail is a rewarding job in many ways. It provides an individual with opportunities to work with new people every day and earn money while having fun. There are many positions one can work on within the retail umbrella.

To get a job in the retail industry, you need a targeted resume and a cover letter.

Follow these guidelines when writing a cover letter for retail jobs.

Retail Cover Letter Dos (What to Write in a Retail Cover Letter?)
  1. Provide complete contact information including cell number and email address
  2. Build a new and targeted cover letter for each employer and retail position
  3. Show that you are aware of the details of the job and what the prospective employer does
  4. Show that your interests and long-term are aligned with the retail position
  5. Make your points in a few words; every sentence should support your eagerness to contribute
  6. Proofread for typos and grammatical mistakes
  7. If you hear nothing from the employer after two weeks, follow up with the HR department or hiring manager to reiterate your interest
  8. Sign before your name
Retail Cover Letter Don’ts (What Not to Write in a Retail Cover Letter?)
  1. Do not write a long and boring introduction
  2. Do not mention irrelevant skills and experiences
  3. Do not make it longer than one-page
  4. Do not explain what benefits you are expecting from the employer
  5. Do not send the same cover letter to many employers

Take a look at the following sample that will assist you in understanding what kind of a covering letter employers expect from the candidates.

This sample caters to the needs of experienced as well as entry-level candidates with no experience in hand.

Retail Cover Letter Example

Michael White
957 Cinnibar Street SE
Salem, OR 10292
(006) 600-6776
mwhite @ email . com

August 14, 2021

Mr. Donald Young
Retail Manager
36 SE Pelton Ct
Salem, OR 66353

Dear Mr. Young:

As a passionate retail professional, I am applying for the position of Retail Customer Service Representative at K-Mart, as advertised in the Daily Classifieds. By utilizing my exceptional customer service skills and demonstrated product knowledge, I would be able to contribute significantly to your bottom line.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I strive to create continuing customer relationships to increase sales and profitability. Mainly, I am adept at:

– Answering customers in a prompt and courteous manner
– Providing quotations and pricing information to customers
– Performing indoor and outside marketing activities to boost sales
– Managing complaints
– Conducting customer follow-up calls
– Handling cash drawer and payments

My ability to motivate co-workers and inspire stakeholders has been commended many times by superiors. Above all, I have a demonstrated ability to work under stress for long periods of time especially during holidays.

I look forward to seeing you in the interview at the time of your convenience. To confirm the receipt of my application, I will contact your office within two weeks. Please feel free to call me at (006) 600-6776 if any additional information will be required.

Thank you for your time out to read my application. I anticipate meeting with you soon!


Michael White

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