Bus Aide Cover Letter Example

Updated on: May 6, 2022

Many job seekers for a bus aide position do not take a cover letter seriously and jump directly to a resume. 

They have the opinion that a cover letter is not an essential part of a job application.

However, the majority of employers have different thinking.

So don’t take a risk!

A well-written cover letter for Bus Aide Resume will provide the reader with a briefing on the candidate’s qualifications without the rigmarole of going through dry resumes.

Take a look at the bus aide application cover letter example below to get ideas on what to include in your letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Bus Aide Position

Aaron Albert
77 Thimble Boulevard
Newport News, VA 77373
(666) 666-6666

May 6, 2022

Mr. Henry Dallas
Horizon Primary School
732 Ossian Hall Lane
Newport News, VA 43443

Dear Mr. Dallas:

As an enthusiastic individual with a keen interest in working with toddlers and young students, I am excited to apply for a Bus Aide position at Horizon Primary School. I understand all the basic and advanced tasks of a Bus Aide and confident that I can carry them out perfectly.

I enjoy working with children because I am sensitive to their needs which can make parents and children both very comfortable with me. Also, I possess hands-on experience as a babysitter, and I understand just what it is to manage rowdy children.

I know from experience that children are at their naughtiest when they are on a school bus. Considering this fact, I can perform duties pertinent to behavior and emergencies. Besides that, I know most of the routes around town and hold a valid driver’s license and can work as a driver in case of emergencies.

I am very sure in my ability to provide you with the services and the quality that you need for this position. Understanding the fact that any candidate who is chosen for this position has to take on the immense amount of responsibility that comes with the job, I anticipate working with you with full of my energy. I will be available to talk at (666) 666-6666 if you need any further details.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will follow-up on this application after one week.


Aaron Albert

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