Cart Associate Duties & Responsibilities

Updated on: February 15, 2018

Position Overview

Typically, the position of a cart associate is an entry level one. Usually, people who are looking for summer jobs, or hoping to step into the world of retail are hired at this position.

Working as a cart associate involves many duties that may or may not be related to actually handling carts and hand baskets.

Since this is the beginning of an individual’s retail career, there may be a lot that will be expected of him or her at this point.

Position Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as a cart associate includes a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least.

A previous part time summer job in a retail capacity may be considered a plus point when you apply for this position. Working in this role means that you will be performing a lot of physical work, including pushing and pulling empty and full carts from one place to another, gathering all carts and placing them in their specific areas, cleaning and maintaining carts and hand baskets, providing assistance to baggers, and even assisting customers in locating their choice of items.

This position will require you to possess exceptional customer service skills, along with the ability to deal with irate customers, and handle complaints.

A list of job duties particular to the position of a cart associate is provided below for your reference:


Cart Associate Duties & Responsibilities


• Greet customers as they arrive in the retail store, and inquire into their needs regarding obtaining carts or hand baskets.

• Ascertain that all customers are provided with carts and hand baskets, and given instructions pertaining to entrances.

• Assist elderly or disabled customers with their carts, and in shopping for items that they cannot reach.

• Push filled up carts between aisles, and ensure that they are delivered to the cash counters once customers’ shopping is done.

• Assist cashiers in scanning products, and ensure that bagging activities are properly carried out.

• Provide customers with assistance by pushing heavy carts to their vehicles in the parking lot, and placing their purchases into them.

• Collect carts left in the parking lot, and push them to storage or dispensing areas.

• Clean and maintain carts by following the store or company’s procedures and policies.

• Communicate any damages or repair needs to the supervisor, and isolate carts that may be deemed dangerous to use.

• Assist customers by showing them service counters, baggage deposit counters, and warranty claim counters.

• Provide support in performing shelf stocking activities, and ensure that any expired items are removed immediately.