Autism (Special Needs) Caregiver Resume Sample

Updated on: February 15, 2023

Precisely written and well-structured resumes for autism caregiver positions always make it to the top.

But to be able to make this happen, you need a good format to work on.

Here is one:

Sample Resume for Autism or Special Needs Caregiver Job

Kenneth Jackson
Loganville, GA 52399
(000) 999-9999
kenjack@email .com

Compassionate, patient, and reliable

High-performing caregiving professional with a 17-year track record of success in providing direct care to autistic clients. Deep expertise in determining clients’ specific needs, and ensuring their physical and emotional well-being. Excels in creating and developing core autism care plans to meet the individual needs of each client. High level of personal and professional integrity.

• Client Assessment
• Progress Monitoring
• Medication Administration
• Plan Development
• Mobility Assistance
• Behavior Management
• Meal Preparation

• Implemented a core progress monitoring system, which proved to be 55% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Introduced an inclusion program for clients with autism, focusing on integrating them into regular academic programs.
• Saved the life of a client with cerebral palsy, by providing immediate first aid, during an incident of choking.
• Devised a meal preparation program, which could be tweaked to the individual needs of each client.


Special Needs Caregiver
Care Inc., Loganville, GA
2018 – Present
• Engage parents or family members in conversation to determine clients’ requirements and limitations
• Create and implement core autism care plans to meet the individual needs of each client
• Assist clients in feeling comfortable with their strengths and limitations, by proper implementation of plans
• Ensure the physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being of each client, by providing them with the required assistance
• Oversee daily meal preparation, according to client’s specific tastes, and ensure that they partake in their meals on time
• Provide respite care, and ensure the medication is timely and properly administered, as per health plans
• Assist clients by providing transport support, especially to doctors’ appointments
• Intervene during emergent situations, providing required first aid and CPR

Autism Caregiver
Sava Care, Loganville, GA
2012 – 2018
• Assisted residents with physical and emotional disabilities by providing them with help in grooming, toileting, and bathing.
• Provided counseling to clients, to ensure their physical and emotional well-being and health.
• Ascertained that clients’ surroundings were safe and clean on a constant basis.
• Created and maintained records of residents in an accurate and confidential manner.
• Monitored clients to ensure that their health plans were working properly, and communicated changes to the health care provider.

Associate’s Degree in Psychology
AAA College, Loganville, GA