Store Standards Associate Job Description and Duties

Updated on: September 11, 2019

Position Overview

Technically, a store standards associate is a customer service representative who is responsible for making sure that the store is up to the standards that the company wants to advocate.

Store standards include cleanliness, maintenance and providing good customer services to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

In many retail environments, store standards associates perform many duties similar to those of a retail representative.

They are often the first point of contact for customers and are responsible for making sure that customers find what they want. They also help customers in choosing products and demonstrate product features for them.

A major part of a store standards associate’s work is to make sure that store floors are clean and safe for customers to use.

Additionallt, they supervise mixing and use of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and make sure the “wet floor” markers are appropriately placed. They are also responsible for handling correct trash disposal procedures.

The basic idea behind this position is to make sure that what customers see is what has been promised to them.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this position, one has to be physically dexterous and understand that customer service is the end-all-and-be-all of the company that they are working for.

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Store Standards Associate Duties and Responsibilities

Here is a list of duties that a store standards associate performs on a typical workday:

• Uphold store cleanliness and maintenance standards by effectively directing work of cleaning and maintenance staff

• Clear shopping carts from shopping and parking areas so that they do not pose as accident hazards

• Handle small repairs and maintenance tasks such as patch painting and fused lights replacing

• Replace damaged or work ceiling and floor tiles

• Greet customers and assist them in finding their choice of products

• Escort customers to correct aisles and help them place products in their carts

• Assist customers in locating shopping carts

• Maintain a log of shopping carts and liaise with procurement personnel to order more carts if needed

• Oversee the cleanliness and maintenance of store vestibules, entrances, and exits

• Supervise the maintenance of sidewalks and parking lots to make sure that they are free of debris, snow or any hazardous materials

• Keep an inventory of cleaning chemicals and issue only as much as is needed on a daily basis

• Stock shelves with merchandise and assists retail assistants with carrying goods from the storage area to the front

• Refill paper tower dispensers and replenish items such as soap and towels in restrooms

• Perform sweeping, mopping and vacuuming activities around specific vestibules and waiting areas