2 Freelance Photographer Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: July 23, 2023

The purpose of a cover letter is to let the employers know that you possess the right qualifications and photography skills they are seeking. Good cover letters can set you apart from other people applying for the same position. 

The following cover letter samples for a freelance photographer will help you in writing your cover letter.

Freelance Photographer Cover Letter Sample 1

Sara Davis
(000) 521-3252
[email protected]

July 23, 2023

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
San Diego, CA

Dear Mr. Doe:

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Freelance Photographer position at ABC Company. With a solid background in photography and a passion for capturing compelling images, I believe I would be a valuable asset to your creative team.

I have over five years of experience working as a photographer, specializing in various genres such as portrait, event, and product photography. Throughout my career, I have developed a keen eye for detail and a knack for finding unique angles and perspectives to create visually appealing images. My technical skills in utilizing various photography equipment and post-processing software ensure that I consistently deliver high-quality photographs to my clients.

What sets me apart as a freelance photographer is not only my technical expertise but also my ability to establish a strong connection with my subjects, putting them at ease and capturing their true essence. I believe that building a rapport with clients is crucial in order to create images that truly reflect their personality and vision.

Besides my photography skills, I am highly organized, reliable, and able to work independently. I understand the importance of meeting deadlines and managing multiple projects simultaneously. My strong communication skills enable me to effectively collaborate with clients and understand their requirements, ensuring that I consistently deliver photographs that exceed their expectations.

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my talent and creativity to ABC Company. I believe that my combination of technical skills, artistic vision, and professionalism would make me a valuable addition to your team. I would welcome the chance to further discuss how my skills align with your company’s needs.

Thank you for considering my application. I have attached my portfolio for your review, and I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you in more detail.


Sara Davis
(000) 521-3252

Freelance Photographer Cover Letter Sample 2

Ricky Martin
654 Pine Street
Groton, SD 52144
(000) 414-1041

July 23, 2023

Mr. Steve Proton
Hiring Manager
Famous Brands International
452 N Pole Lane
Groton, SD 77002

Dear Mr. Proton:

Looking through the careers section on your website, I came across the opening for a “freelance photographer who can work on different layers”, a description that is absolutely spot on with what I have to offer.

As a freelance photographer, I have worked on many diverse photography projects, including fashion, still, event, and corporate. Since I do not limit myself to just one genre of photography, my skills are varied, yet focused on both the subject and the quality of my projects. 

Having graduated from the Groton Photography School in 2010, I have since worked on 252 photography projects – and this does not include the time that I spent as an apprentice to Mr. Charles Poloski, the famous photography all-rounder!

I am deeply familiar with subject compositions, setting up props and scenes, directing shoots and using a wide range of technical equipment such as cameras, lenses, lights, and specialized software. Once you have been through my profile, you will be able to see the diversity in my photographic content, and how I use my inner creativity to bring subjects alive.

I am positive that you will not regret talking to me about this position. I would be happy to provide printed samples of my work when we meet. I will call you after one week to set up a meeting time. You can reach me at (000) 414-1041 in the meantime.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ricky Martin

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