Voice Actor Resume Sample

Updated on: October 23, 2021

If you are creating a resume for a voice actor position, chances are that you love voice acting!

And this love for the work is something that you need to highlight in your resume.

It is important to realize that a voice actor’s resume has to contain the right information regarding skills, competencies, experience, and achievements.

As a voice actor, it is imperative that your resume stands out from the rest.

In order to ensure this, you have to craft it properly.

Write down what makes you better than others.

Show your experience and accomplishments as a voice actor.

A voice actor resume sample is provided below for your reference:

Voice Actor Resume Example

Terry Jackson
555 Westerly Avenue, Florence, SC77834
(000) 123-3234


Seasoned voice actor with 9+ years of experience in lending voices for commercials, films, documentaries, and radio sessions. Expert in creating voices according to provided instructions. Ability to handle a wide variety of projects, such as mimicry and anime.

• Introduced the concept of vocal exercises, increased voice quality by 80% as a result.
• Provided singing support for an anime film in the absence of the actual singer.
• Chosen out of 66 people as the actor to voice Simba’s character in a theater adaptation of The Lion King.
• Recorded 17 voiceovers in one day, therefore, completed a marathon project on time.


Voice Actor
Universal Studios, Florence, SC
Sep 2018 – Present
• Confer with recording engineers and directors in order to determine project metrics.
• Read scripts and determine character personality.
• Practice voiceover sessions with the director.
• Obtain instructions for voice quality, tone, and speed.
• Provide a voice for characters in films and anime.
• Determine conversational or narrative tones, depending on the project.
• Lend voice for projects such as games, documentaries, and radio programs.
• Check the quality of lent voice in order to determine retake need.

Studio Helper
Digital Fidelity Studios, Florence, SC
May 2012 – Sep 2018
• Checked recording equipment connections.
• Set up and calibrated recording equipment and systems.
• Ensured that both recording and control rooms were kept in order.
• Provided assistance in different areas, such as setting mics, and connecting cables.

High School Diploma
St. Paul’s High School, Florence, SC

– Script Comprehension
– Voice Quality
– Interpretation
– Conversational Acting
– Recording
– Voice Creation
– Games Voiceovers
– Practice Metrics
– Mimicry
– Characterization
– Singing
– Vocal Exercises

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