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Updated on May 7, 2019

You cannot judge a book by its cover – but if you have just the cover to make a judgment, you cannot help but do exactly that.

This is what happens when a hiring manager picks up a resume.


He or she has just a little bit to go by to judge you, so it is imperative to give him or her all that you have.

The skills section helps here.

When you are writing this part of your resume, you must make sure that it has all the information that is required by an employer, who intends to use your skills to work for him.

Skills play an important role in getting a resume read by a reluctant reader aka employer. Since employers go through a great many resumes in a day, they often have issues with reading a document that holds too much information.

However, a well-written skills section can do wonders in convincing a hiring manager to read the resume in detail. Since skills are what they are primarily interested in, it is important to articulately write them so that they make an impact on the hiring manager.

Hiring managers need to gauge how much training and resources you will consume when hired.

If they see that you do not need a lot of training because you are inherently skilled and polished in the work that you will be doing, there is a great chance that you will be hired instantly.

Some skills statement examples are provided here for reference purposes:

Sample Skills for Video Journalism Resume

• Highly experienced in generating and pitching ideas for producing programs and packages

• Produces stories that are factually correct, fair and balanced in content, and are delivered in a clear manner

• Expert in obtaining news information by developing sources and using research and interviewing skills

• Special talent for conducting both live and prerecorded on-camera interviews, and contributing new ideas for news 

• Deep familiarity with produce, shoot, edit and reporting daily news stories using broadcasting equipment and newsroom computer systems

• Effectively able to research, investigate, write, produce and report the general news of special news assignments

• Proficient in delivering on-air sports stories, demonstrating energy, confidence and professional voice quality

• Adept at gathering and preparing audio and video materials for use on any service, recognizing the distinct requirements of different types of output, shooting and routine editing

• Competent in writing materials for scripts, bulletins, links, texts, and new media services by exercising editorial judgment appropriate to the requirement of different services

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