Journalists work in newspapers, magazines, television companies, radio stations and periodical publishers where their job is to write and edit copy.

They work with facts and figures to provide their audience with engaging content that engenders recurring viewership.

If you are a qualified journalist looking for a position in this profession, the following cover letter sample may help you with content that you can use in writing your own.



Journalism Cover Letter Sample

736 Smoketree Ct.,
Reno, NV 66666

March 24, 2013

Mr. Nathanial Franklin
Manager HR
Time Mirror
6353 Carmel Mesa Drive
Reno, NV 77777


Dear Mr. Franklin:

I am submitting my resume as an application for a Journalist position at the Time Mirror. As a trained journalist with over six years of extensive experience, I would like to explore the opportunity of working with the best in the trade.

My enthusiasm, stamina, determination and perseverance makes me just the right candidate for this position. I have a complete understanding of web and social medic aspects of this job which is why my work is not limited to just paper. Moreover, I am able to work in a deadline driven environment and I bank highly on my ability to create copy based on events as they happen. My training and experience in this capacity has provided me with the ability to strategically develop written documents and monitor and cover multiple topics of interest which are sure to invoke interest. My own concentration on lifestyle and human interest stories makes for engaging copy and I have been prided with the Journalist of the Year award by the state two times in two years.

My work speaks for itself as I always make it a point to work diligently and honestly. I will be in Reno for the next three weeks and will be available for interview during this time. Please feel free to call me at (402) 444-4444 if you need any further information that I can provide.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Neil Mathews

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