Video Journalist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 7, 2019

Interviews are those milestones in our lives that need to be conquered – no matter what.

The effort and time that goes into reaching the interview stage can be quite a force to reckon with.


It makes perfect sense to make the kind of effort in preparing one that it deserves.

Interviewers do not intend to go easy on you.

Make sure that you are ready for this assault by preparing well in advance.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a video journalist position to help you to prepare with:



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Video Journalist Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you opt to work as a video journalist?

I have a degree in journalism and since I believe that it is imperative to keep up with the times to stay atop things, I trained in the many technical aspects of this work. Of course, I enjoy the different aspects of this work immensely which is why I decided to tread this way.

As a video journalist, what has been your prime duties in your current role?

While working as a video journalist, I have been actively involved in scouting news items, covering events and happenings, producing programs, handling editing work, writing scripts, and managing screen time.

What skills do you feel are necessary to work as a video journalist?

Apart from possessing the ability to work with current video technology that is popularly used in the journalism world, it is imperative to be physically dexterous, possess the ability to handle multiple assignments at the same time, be communicative and resourceful, and have it in you to work on tight deadlines and budgets.

What is the one challenge of this work that you are working to overcome?

The entire work is a plethora of challenges which one has to look in the face to be able to overcome. I take each one thrown at me with a pinch of salt, yet work diligently to ensure that it is handled in the best way possible.

What is the most difficult assignment that you have been given?

I was once covering an event where a bomb explosion happened, leaving me confused about my priorities in doing my job or helping injured people. That was quite a dilemma.

How did you handle it?

I managed to do some of both, resulting in helping people reach safe ground, and getting a great story out of it. I believe that keeping a balance works, even though sometimes, this balance may not be possible.

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