Video Journalist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 9, 2017

Position Overview

Video journalists wear many hats. Since this is the age of technology – technology that grows so fast that it is impossible to keep up with it – journalists want to do everything themselves. And since technology supports this “want”, video journalists are the next big thing in journalism.

Working as a video journalist means that you have to be able to excel in a lot of roles including that of a producer, a reporter, a cameraman and an editor. And since you have to do all these, it is imperative that you possess a journalism degree, and be trained in all the areas mentioned here.

Video journalists often keep odd timings – they may be asked to work from late night to the wee hours of the morning, depending on the assignment that they have been given. Typically, a video journalist works on stories ranging from accidents to labor strikes – and everything in between.

To work as a video journalist, it is imperative that you are deadline-oriented as no one needs old news! If you have been provided with a deadline, it is important that you meet it, lest someone else takes your story away and gains all the attention.

Exceptional communication skills and the ability to stay on your feet for long periods of time are just some of the attributes that you must have in order to work as a video journalist.

Some duties that you will be expected to perform in this role include:

Job Description for Video Journalist Resume

• Carry out in-depth research across an entire range of output, with minimal supervision

• Undertake interviewing and reporting duties, in both recorded and live situations, within studios and in outdoor environments

• Prepare and present bulletins, assess incoming copies, and sub-edit news copies and deploy necessary resources

• Write material for scripts, text, links and bulletins, ensuring that editorial judgements is constantly exercised

• Produce both live and prerecorded programs for television and other media channels, based on extensive research

• Gather and prepare both audio and video materials for use on any service, and ensure that appropriate footage is shot and edited in a timely manner

• Film and capture a variety of footage such as interviews, love event coverage, gameplay footage, and studio production projects

• Work with editorial teams to ensure that voice overs are properly recorded and blended into the original footage

• Produce promotional videos for programs by working in tandem with marketing and production teams

• Create and maintain effective liaison with local contacts by filling a public relations role