Time Management Skills for Nurses

Updated: September 7, 2021

On the surface, it seems as if time management skills is one thing one – the ability to manage time effectively. While this is true on one account, there is a lot more to time management.

Different positions require different time management skills, and it is up to employees to bring out their best in this. When you apply for a job, a hiring manager will automatically begin looking for the skills section on your resume, often zeroing in on your time management abilities.

If you can effectively chart them out, you will have a great chance at being considered for a job.

Managing your time well – or the ability to manage your time well – automatically translates into you being considered as the perfect employee. A lot of things come with being a good time manager – you can finish your work before deadlines loom over your head, allowing you to concentrate on other issues.

And if your focus is on managing your time well, you will also be able to handle many things in a profound manner, allowing you to become an employer’s favorite. Remember that time management skills do not only apply to you being able to meet deadlines. These skills also allow you to prioritize your work effectively and have fun while working.

For a resume for a nurse position, the following list of time management skills will suffice:

Sample Time Management Skills for Nurses

• Highly experienced in setting priorities, ensuring that all patients are provided with the right type of treatment, at the right time.

• Effectively able to manage time as to arrive early, obtaining the chance to read patients’ reports, and take charge.

• Proven ability to add time estimates next to each assigned task, to determine how much time all tasks will take.

• Demonstrated expertise in making the best use of time, by avoiding tasks with low priority, to be completed at the end of the day.

• Skilled in planning the workday in a manner conducive to time-saving, and use of time in an appropriate manner.

• Track record of staying constantly organized, aimed at saving time by handling paperwork, and prescriptions dispensing activities in an efficient manner.

• Competent in streamlining medication administration work, by grouping medications together, in sync with allowed timelines.

• Qualified to stay focused on assigned patients, and task, ensuring that they are provided with the right type of attention.

• Well-versed in delegating patient care work to nursing aides, to ensure that all related activities are performed in a timely manner.