Time Management Skills for Resume [10+ Examples]

Updated: September 6, 2021

Time management skills are critical to place on a resume.

Communicating with a hiring manager that you take this seriously is very important.

Excellent time management means that you will be able to perform your work within provided deadlines, which is very important for employers.

Focusing on managing your time correctly does not only mean that you will be able to finish your work in a time-efficient manner.

It also means that you will have time left over for other things, such as further learning opportunities.

Time management lowers your stress levels as well. If you are forever running to meet deadlines, there is an excellent chance that you won’t be able to perform as well as is expected of you.

Putting in time management skills in a resume is essential so that a hiring manager can gauge how well you will be able to handle the work assigned to you.

There are many different types of time management skills that you can place on your resume.

But not all of them will relate to the work that you intend to perform. Picking out ones that best suit your situation is what you need to do here.

Some examples of general time management skills are listed below. You can take out and use the ones that best suit you.

Sample Time Management Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in efficiently setting goals, aimed at ensuring that projects reach fruition promptly.

• Proven ability to prioritize work activities, ensuring that all work modules are completed within assigned timelines.

• Deep familiarity with creating and implementing schedules, identifying the available time, and timely delegate tasks to other people.

• Effectively able to make lists in a prioritized manner, breaking larges tasks into small steps, to ensure completion of each work in a time-efficient way.

• Well-versed in using priority systems to assist in deciding which task to undertake, and how much time should be spent on it.

• Solid track record of effectively self-motivating, and motivating staff members to perform work activities according to provided schedules.

• Competent in focusing on the task in question, ensuring that no other tasks compete for attention.

• Effective decision-making skills, aimed at ensuring that all project modules and tasks are performed within provided deadlines.

• Qualified to efficiently plan work activities, to be able to foresee all tasks which will be required to complete a project.

• Skilled in properly communicating with others, targeted at achieving more than when working solo.