Marine Surveyor Resume Sample

Updated on: September 1, 2022

Hooking the reader with the opening, and keeping him or her hooked throughout – is the basic purpose of a resume.

If this does not exist, there is no point in writing one.

Have a look at the following resume sample to take ideas from:

Marine Surveyor Resume Example

Linda Morra
27 Hurron Street
Wheeling, WV 12652
(000) 854-9865
lindimorra @ email . com


Detail-oriented and quality-focused marine surveyor with hands-on experience in handling surveys of marine vessels and watercraft, aimed at determining required repairs. Competent in examining underwater sections of hulls, while ships are docking, to ascertain conditions and maintenance needs.

• Able to inspect the condition of propellers, rudders, and sea valves, to determine if any action is required.
• Proven ability to observe operating tests on machinery and equipment, and inspect opened-up machinery to determine the condition of the interior.
• Skilled in preparing detailed reports on types of surveys conducted, and recommending required actions.

• Vessel Inspections • Needs Assessment
• Reports Preparation • Standards Maintenance
• Compliance Assurance • Insurance Support
• Bottlenecks Identification • Safety Management Systems

• Implemented a series of crew protection systems, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the ones already being followed.
• Successfully identified a bottleneck that could have caused serious trouble in terms of vessel safety.
• Introduced a set of safety rules and regulations, resulting in increasing the safety of marine vessels.
• Devised a marine vessel inspection system, which took 50% less time to complete than the one already in place.


Marine Surveyor
The Marine Specialists, Wheeling, W V
8/2017 – Present
• Perform surveys on marine vessels, such as ships, boats, tankers, and dredges
• Handle examinations of underwater sections of the hulls to determine required repairs
• Inspect the conditions of propellers, rudders, and sea valves, and take readings on tail shafts
• Perform inspections of above waterline sections of vessels, including hatchways, ventilators, and bulkheads
• Observe the testing of cargo gear to ensure that it complies with testing standards
• Provide suggestions regarding repairs and maintenance of vessels, and how to make them safe for crew members
• Oversee cargo sampling and analysis, and inspect cargo holds to determine their safety

Marine Surveyor Assistant
SGS, Wheeling, WV
2/2005 – 8/2017
• Assisted in determining repair and maintenance needs of assigned marine vehicles
• Provided assistance in monitoring and assessing vessels, aiming to report their conditions
• Supported observation of operating tests on machinery and equipment
• Tested cargo gear for compliance with testing standards, and endorsed certificates for tested gears
• Created and submitted inspection and recommendation reports to clients and insurance companies

Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering
West Virginia State University, Wheeling, WV