Marine Electrician Resume Sample

Updated on: August 20, 2018

Resumes are notorious for being boring reads.

Make sure yours doesn’t fall into that category.

Here is a sample to help you create your own:


Marine Electrician Resume Sample



Martin Lowe
55 Main Road, Gary, IN65402
(000) 999-9999


Qualified, competent, and proactive marine electrician, with extensive experience in identifying and repairing complex issues about marine vehicles. Highly skilled in ensuring downtime minimization, and providing solutions to common maintenance problems. Demonstrated ability to execute plans of electrical installations for various electrical and electronic systems.

Electrical Installations Preventative Maintenance Fixtures Installation
Troubleshooting Damage Minimization Shipboard Handling
Connections Management Safety Protocols Work Area Preparation
System Upgrades Blueprints Reading Trade Mathematics

• Successfully identified a problem with electric wiring, which had been in limbo for 3 weeks.
• Implemented a core preventative maintenance system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already being followed.
• Introduced a work area preparation system, which resulted in performing the work in 50% less time.
• Minimized damage to marine electrical systems, by implementing a solid damage prevention system.


Marine Electrician
Orbis Inc., Gary, IN                     2013-present
• Follow plans to install electrical wiring and components on marine vehicles.
• Install electrical cabinets, fixtures, and equipment for various electrical systems.
• Connect wires in electrical circuits, ensuring that they are grounded for safety purposes.
• Pull in cables of different lengths and types, and accommodate system connections.
• Troubleshoot problems within the electrical system, ensuring that downtime is minimized.
• Replace or repair damaged or worn out electrical wires and systems, ensuring that safety is kept at a priority.
• Identify hazards and malfunctions within the system, and ensure that any issues are appropriately handled.
• Provide supervisors with information on required equipment and tools, and ensure that supplies are timely acquired.

Marine Electrician Apprentice
Marine Vehicles Co., Gary, IN            2011-2013
• Cleared work areas to ensure that debris or hazardous materials did not pose a hindrance to work.
• Assisted marine electricians in determining electrical and electronic problems within a vehicle.
• Provided support for troubleshooting issues, and ensuring that downtime was minimized as much as possible.
• Made arrangements for tools, supplies, and equipment to be made available to marine electricians.
• Gathered tools and equipment at the end of the workday, and ensured that they were properly and safely stored.

Gary High School, Gary, IN – 2009
High School Diploma