Land Surveyor Resume Sample and Writing Tips

Updated January 26, 2020

In order to write an effective resume for a land surveyor job, customize your resume according to the requirements of the prospective employer.

In your resume, mention that you have experience in preparing and maintaining sketches, maps, and reports of legal survey descriptions.

Also, highlight your experience in calculating site measurements, and handling legal documents and survey records.

On-spot information regarding your background as a land surveyor will help the hiring manager in determining your suitability for the job.

Here is how you can create a good land surveyor resume:

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Land Surveyor Resume Sample


Teresa Malone
98 6th Drive, Morgantown, WV 70212
(000) 232-3234


Talented Land Surveyor with 10+ years of hands-on experience in determining legal property boundaries. Outstanding ability to provide data and compile legal documents for building, map-making, and real estate projects. Innovative and creative individual who has excellent skills in conducting physical site surveys by using a variety of tools and equipment.

Site Surveying • Sketch Preparation
Field Data Processing • Engineers Liaison
Research • Documents Preparation
Distance Measuring • Mathematical Calculations
Reference Points Determination • Historical Reporting
Data Analysis • Technical Advice Management

• Singlehandedly undertook a large land survey, using robotics and 3D scanners.
• Prepared survey drawings for a rush project within provided deadline.
• Retained clients continuously by providing exceptional land surveying, and follow-up services.


Land Surveyor
Y2 Consultants, Morgantown, WV | 2015-present
• Measure distances and angles between set points above and below the surface
• Determine stake sites, and land and water boundaries
• Perform research work to determine land records, survey records, and land titles
• Calculate slopes and measurements of properties
• Delineate boundaries and reference points in order to provide starting points
• Establish boundaries based on previous surveys and records
• Perform historical and legal property research work
• Prepare survey drawings and present them to clients
• Provide advice about technical matters and the viability of construction plans

Land Surveyor Helper
ABM Construction, Morgantown, WV | 2012-2015
• Assisted surveyors to prepare and maintain sketches, maps, and reports
• Verified the accuracy of survey dates, including measurements and calculations
• Supported surveyors in recording survey results, such as shape, contour, and location of land
• Calculated height, depth, property lines, and relative positions
• Developed criteria for survey methods and procedures
• Determined the longitudes and latitudes of important features and boundaries

Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
West Virginia State College, Morgantown, WV – 2012



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