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Updated on November 7, 2019

Fun is probably a small work to describe a sailor’s work. Apart from it being fun, it is a lot of hard work.

The fact that you are ready to deliver the best in this arena needs to be communicated to the hiring manager – through a resume.


If you have worked in this capacity previously, you have it made. Choosing the right format is vital to the success of your resume.

Then, you need to include information about your knowledge of operating marine vessels.

Also, you must offer information that suggests that you are aware of the many duties that a sailor performs on a commercial and a government marine vessel.

The sample below will guide you further in this regard.


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Sailor Resume Example


Patrick Gatwick
76 Treble Street, Wheeling, WV 14254
(000) 123-3232


Highly-organized and enthusiastic Sailor with excellent skills in ensuring safe vessel operations by following established procedures and chain of command. Exceptionally talented in maintaining vessels by varnishing, sanding, and polishing. Deeply familiar with making sail adjustments and handling engine room checking duties.

• Successfully saved the vessel from imminent damage, by recognizing early signs of vessel damage.
• Implemented a sail adjustment system, which took 30% less time than the one already in place.
• Saved a passenger from danger, by determining her intent to walk on a dangerous vessel pathway, and steering her away in time.
• Troubleshoot an important component of the engine, saving the ship from mid-sea stalling.

• Safe Vessel Operations
• Vessel Progress Monitoring
• Items Security
• Sail Adjustments
• Passenger Liaison
• Emergency Handling
• Lifeboats Management
• Boarding Assistance
• Ship Repairs
• Material Loading and Unloading
• Obstruction Lookout


Marine Co., Wheeling, WV | 2015-present

• Assist passengers board and disembark from the marine vessel
• Ensure vessel safety by following established procedures
• Maintain vessels by performing varnishing, cleaning, and polishing work
• Prepare vessels for the water by stowing and securing items, and checking passengers
• Handle vessel maintenance, and maneuvering
• Respond to emergencies by following protocols
• Record passenger names in rosters
• Stand watch in the ship’s bows or on bridges
• Read pressure and temperature gauges and record data

Marine Worker
General Sea Dynamics, Wheeling, WV | 2010-2015

• Stood gangway watches to prevent unauthorized persons’ entry
• Monitored vessel surroundings in order to detect potential hazard
• Examined machinery to verify pressure and lubricant flows
• Overhauled lifeboats and gear, and assisted in loading shipments

High School Diploma
Wheeling High School, Wheeling, WV – 2009

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