Current Resume Trends

Updated on: May 9, 2019

It is crucial to remain knowledgeable about the current resume writing trends since the job market is becoming more and more competitive.

If something can give you an edge over other job seekers in the current year, it is a well-written resume which is being created in keeping with the modern resume writing trends.



If you have already built your resume, it is highly advisable to update it.

In case you are a beginner who has not created a resume yet, then your first resume must be written very smartly.

Based on detailed analysis of changing trends in the resumes and employer’s preferences, we have created some resume trends that can be helpful for candidates applying for any position.




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Current Resume Trends

No templates

Generic, pre-built resume patterns, formats, and adaptable templates were the documents of the past.

Modern years are years of creativity and individuality.

For this reason, sell your candidacy by showing your uniqueness using a plain resume format.


Resume writing experts have been emphasizing the importance of a performance summary/profile for many years.

The objective statement has become obsolete except you are a student/entry level candidate or a career changer.

Emphasize your achievements

Your achievements distinguish you from others.

Think about adding a separate section of your achievements.

Add some quantitative figures or numbers to make them more engaging.

Professional Experience

What to expand on?

There is a genuine need to shorten the length of your resume.

The best way to go about this is to mention all experiences but give details of only the relevant ones. Give a brief reverse chronological work history with dates.

Never use a ready-to-go resume

You will need different versions of your resume for every position you apply even if the job you apply for is the same, but the employers are different.

Every application demands and deserves a well-tailored, customized resume which addresses the specific needs of that potential employer.

Do not underestimate industry norms. Norms are always company-specific. Build a resume for each firm you apply at by using their terminology.

Show them how hiring you is a wise investment

When an employer is hiring you, they are making an investment.

Give them good reasons to invest in your candidacy. Show them how capable you are by highlighting some previous results you yielded.

Honesty is the best policy

As a matter of fact, employers are very smart.

They always verify information; they can check you out on social media or contact your previous colleagues and employers.

Therefore, be honest and do not overstate your worth.

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