Anthropologist Resume Sample

Updated on: February 2, 2024

When creating a resume for an anthropologist role, it is essential to showcase your experience in research and your understanding of different cultures. The resume should highlight your abilities in fieldwork, data analysis, and your contribution to preserving cultural heritage.

The following sample resume for an anthropologist is designed to give you insights into structuring your own resume, emphasizing your professional journey, educational background, and any publications or affiliations you may have. Whether you’re a seasoned anthropologist or just starting out, this sample can steer you in the right direction.

Anthropologist Resume Example

John Smith
23 Wellington Place
Billings, MT 44644
(000) 999-2532


An accomplished anthropologist with extensive experience in conducting research, analyzing cultural practices, and preserving cultural heritage. Possess a strong commitment to understanding diverse societies and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Proven ability to effectively communicate research findings through writing and presentations.


  • Ethnographic research
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Fieldwork and participant observation
  • Cultural heritage preservation
  • Writing and presentation skills
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Museum curation and collection management


Key Point Solutions – Billings, MT
Feb 2019 – Present

  • Conducted a long-term ethnographic study spanning 2 years in indigenous communities, resulting in the publication of a comprehensive research paper.
  • Employed statistical analysis techniques to quantify cultural practices, enabling the identification of significant patterns and trends.
  • Collaborated with a team of researchers to develop an innovative data collection method that increased survey response rates by 25%.
  • Presented research findings at multiple national conferences, receiving recognition for clear and insightful presentations.
  • Served as the lead researcher on a project focusing on cultural heritage preservation, successfully securing funding of $100,000 from a major foundation.
  • Applied GIS mapping techniques to visualize and analyze spatial patterns of cultural practices, contributing to a better understanding of their distribution and significance.

Cultural Heritage Specialist
International Heritage Organization – Billings, MT
Sep 2015 – Feb 2019

  • Worked closely with local communities to develop strategies for protecting and preserving cultural heritage sites.
  • Conducted ethnographic research to understand the cultural significance of these sites.
  • Collaborated with government agencies and NGOs to implement conservation initiatives.

Research Assistant
University of XYZ – Billings, MT
Jan 2014 – Sep 2015

  • Conducted field research in remote areas, collaborating with indigenous communities to document and preserve cultural practices.
  • Assisted in analyzing data and writing research reports.
  • Participated in academic conferences and presented research findings.

Master of Arts in Anthropology
University of XYZ, Billings, MT
Thesis: Exploring Cultural Practices of Indigenous Communities

“Quantifying Cultural Practices: A Statistical Analysis of Indigenous Communities”
– Journal of Anthropology, 2020
“Preserving Cultural Heritage for Future Generations”
– Cultural Heritage Review, 2019

American Anthropological Association
Society for Ethnographic Research