Anthropologist Resume Sample

Updated: April 27, 2022

Anthropologists trace the origins of human beings in terms of their physical social and cultural origins.

They are social scientists who possess a degree in anthropology with a specialization in culture, linguistics, and archeology.

Anthropologists gather information on the origin of human beings and analyze the data collected.

They determine the race’s customs, rituals, and social values with the help of the data that they have collected to decipher how a particular type of people behaved and lived as they did.

Following is a resume sample for this position which you can effectively utilize when applying for an Anthropology job.

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Anthropologist Resume Example

23 Wellington Place
Billings, MT 44644
(000) 999-9999


• Over eight years of experience in the anthropology field
• Demonstrated ability to plan research projects to answer questions and test hypotheses in relation to humans
• Highly skilled in collecting information from observations, interviews, and documents
• Able to develop data collection methods tailored to a particular specialty, project, or culture
• Well versed in recording and managing records of observations taken in the field


Key Point Solutions – Billings, MT
Feb 2011 – Present
Key Achievements
• Wrote a paper on the physical and biological development of the human species used as a reference by the Montana State University.
• Conducted a series of seminars on the influence of heredity and environment on the human species spanning twenty centuries.
Key Responsibilities
• Collect information and make comparative studies akin to the evolution and origin of the human race
• Gather and analyze data on social customs and cultural variances using artifacts as tools
• Report findings by writing reports and making presentations
• Manage identification of cultural specific beliefs and practices of the human race
• Develop intervention techniques

Anthropology Intern
Key Point Solutions – Billings, MT
Oct 2009 – Jan 2011
Key Responsibilities
• Assisted in collecting specific data including human remains for analysis
• Performed research work associated with finding out cultural backgrounds and history
• Managed paperwork associated with writing reports
• Filed researched information and collected data

Master’s Degree in Anthropology
Montana State University
GPA: 3.9

• Working knowledge of social and cultural norms of the human society over the years
• Exceptional listening and communication skills
• Social perceptiveness and complex problem-solving skills
• Excellent judgment and time management skills
• Proven ability to work in extreme weather conditions