Lead Teller Job Description & Qualifications

Updated on: October 24, 2018

A lead teller is responsible for managing the overall operations of a financial institution.

Building client rapport, risk management, and platform assistance are all part of the work of a lead teller.

As a matter of fact, he or she may have to actually perform teller duties, especially in the event of large customer volume.

Lead Teller Job Description

• Great clients and inquire into their purpose of visit, while ensuring that a teller or another staff member caters to their needs.

• Provide clients with information on bank services, and direct them to the right personnel.

• Accept checks and drafts, and verify information such as dates, amount, and signatures on them.

• Act as a first point of contact to identify and resolve complex client servicing issues.

• Oversee teller teams to ensure the provision of excellent customer services throughout the day.

• Seek out client, and provide them with information on alternate delivery channels within the capacity of the bank.

• Build rapport with new and existing clients, ensuring the provision of well-placed services at all times.

• Address clients’ issues and problems, engaging bank branch management wherever necessary.

• Assist in creating and maintaining solid relationships between personal bankers and clients.

• Oversee bank instruments such as checks, pay orders, and drafts in order to ensure their validity.

• Send bank instruments for clearing at the end of each workday.

• Assist tellers in handling discrepancies and issues relating to cash balances.

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Lead Teller Qualifications

To work as a lead teller, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient.

Strong knowledge of branch operations and superior service provision skills are necessary.

Additionally, lead tellers need to possess exceptional leadership skills.

Essentially, a lead teller performs teller functions as well, therefore, he or she needs to know all about the work as well.

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