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Updated on: July 7, 2019

While it is all very well to say that stylish cover letters can attract a potential employer, how a cover letter can be made elegant is an extremely disputable subject.

People tend to believe that using fancy fonts and colors will stylize a cover letter; we tend to disagree.


We have discussed the importance of a prudent yet exciting cover letter many times and stylizing such a letter needs more professionalism than art.

A good cover letter should not be on more than one page (it does not matter if it is in paper or electronic form) and should not bear more than three paragraphs. If you need to print this letter, an A4 sized paper is good and font size 12 should do perfectly.

Most people use word processors to write cover letters, but if you feel that your handwriting is perfect, well! There is no better way to make your cover letter more stylish than writing it yourself!

Writing a stylish cover letter may include putting in a short story about where you have been and what you have done in terms of work experience. When we say short, we mean short.


Remember that an employer has minimal time and a lot of job applications to go through, so you do not want to bore him enough to make him stop reading your cover letter halfway.

A cover letter needs to start by highlighting a couple of the candidate’s skills and going on to informing the reader how he came to hear about the vacant post that he is applying for.

The second paragraph holds a summary of experience, skills and any achievements that the candidate can boast of and the last paragraph holds the closing statements; the candidate needs to make his availability obvious and add a statement that will tell the employer that they will be contacted.

There you go! Now you have an excellently written, stylish yet professional resume that should get you to the interview at the very least!

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