Educator Cover Letter Tips

➜ Use keywords related to education profession in your cover letter. You may find these keywords in the job description provided by employer. This action will be very beneficial in case the prospective employer is scanning cover letters through a software, your letter will be successful in the search results.

➜ Address your cover letter to the recruiter using their name. You can find the recruiter’s name on company’s website or by calling their HR Department.

➜ Tell them how they will be benefited from hiring you – not what you are expecting from them.

➜ Get cover letter writing ideas from books and internet but do not copy. You must write in your own words.

➜ It should be short and to-the-point i.e. not more than four paragraphs on one page.

➜ If sending through email, paste your letter in the body of the email message. Also send your cover letter as an attachment.

➜ Use the same type of paper for your resume and cover letter.

➜ Use the header of your resume.

➜ Size: Write in 10-12 size using simple and plain font.

Educator Cover Letter Format

First Paragraph: Introduction

Tell the hiring committee how you learned about the institution and educator’s position. Show your enthusiasm in working for a specific employer. Tell them what skills you will utilize to meet and exceed their expectations. Do research on the educational institute and tell them why you like their district.

Second/Third Paragraph(s): Overview of your qualifications and relevant skills

Sell yourself by writing several short phrases regarding your abilities and relevant qualifications. If possible, provide relevant examples demonstrating your accomplishments. Relate your experiences to the requirements of employer.

Final Paragraph: Conclusion and Contact Details

Re-affirm your enthusiasm. Let the employers know when will you follow-up. Proactively ask for an interview date. Thank the employer for their time and consideration


Educator Cover Letter Sample 1


Sarah Todd

906 Lake Road, Bernard, IA 63733 ● (710) 777 – 7777 ● sarah @ email . com

June 9, 2016

Mr. Abraham Lincoln
Manager Human Resources
Bernard Public Schools
635 Goose Hill Road
Bernard, IA 53422

“She is brilliant and practical, and knows her assignments. She is able to combine the best teaching skills with the sensibility of a role-model. In fact, she is an inborn educator. . . .” – Anna Watson, Senior Administrator, St. Louis Public Schools

Dear Mr. Lincoln:

My inherent ability to maintain discipline along with the talent to prepare and deliver the best lessons makes me an excellent candidate for the Educator position at Bernard Public Schools.

I have been specifically trained in identifying teaching objectives and incorporating them in lesson plans subsequently. With my ability to set realistic targets and provide clear structures, I ensure effective teaching practices and make the best use of available learning time. While I have ample experience of teaching young students, I also have a track record of educating high school students. Above all, I have the know-how of educational practices and protocols which are in accordance to the educational needs of young adults.

In order to be able to expand on these traits, I would like to meet with you personally for which I will call your office next week to set up a meeting. I may be contacted at (000) 777-2032 if you need to reach me regarding any further information.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Sarah Todd

Enc. Resume


Educator Cover Letter Sample 2


Amelia Greyson
325 Brown Street
Westford, WA 62100
(000) 998-7676
amelia @ email . com

June 9, 2016

Mr. Jason Marshall
HR Manager
ABC School
77 Discovery Lane
Westford, WA 67441


Dear Mr. Marshall:

Owing to my Bachelor’s Degree in Education along with K-12 Certification and 6+ years of relevant experience, I consider myself a good contender for Educator position at ABC School. I am fully aware of your institute’s sound reputation and high academic standards and also understand what it takes to show good results in capacity of an educator.

Your advertisement calls for an experienced child educator who can also supervise co-curricular activities. My highly matching profile is briefly outlined below:

– Effective skills in devising and implementing activity based lessons
– Proven ability to gauge each child’s progress and maintain separate portfolios
– Proficient in conducting one on one tutoring while catering for student’s individual needs.
– Adept at maintaining a cognitively stimulating classroom environment
– First aid certified

Along with a track record of imparting high quality education to my students, I also offer exceptional ability to organize large scale events in schools, be it promotional or academic. I strongly believe that my skillset and competencies will make me a valuable member of your dedicated team of educational professionals.

I look forward to interviewing with you in order to discuss my candidacy in detail. I will call your office on next Friday to schedule a suitable meeting time. Meanwhile my resume is enclosed for your review and consideration. Please feel free to call me in case you have any queries.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Amelia Greyson
(000) 998-7676

Attachment: Resume