Top 10 Sign Language Interpreter Resume Objectives Examples

Updated on: July 9, 2020

A sign language interpreter’s resume objective may be the deciding point for a hiring manager. For this reason, the resume objective should be in proper alignment with the prospective employer’s requirements.

For instance, if an employer says that he is looking for someone with two years of documented sign language interpretation experience, your resume objective should mention that you have at least this much experience to your name.

As far as a sign language interpreter’s objective is concerned, it should be short. However, do not leave out important information such as what skills you have to offer. Even in a short paragraph, you can write content that sells you as a viable candidate for the position.

Both the content and length of your sign language interpreter resume objective matter. Here are a few examples that you can gain ideas from:

Sample Objectives for a Sign Language Interpreter Resume 

1. Highly skilled Sign Language Interpreter seeking a position at Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind. Exceptional knowledge of translating spoken material into sign language, and interpreting content meanings.

2. High-energy Sign Language Interpreter with 6+ years of experience in providing sign language interpretation for the hearing-impaired. Presenting looking for a position at Johnson and Wales University.

3. Desire a position as a Sign Language Interpreter at Rio Rancho Public Schools. Offering skills in working as part of the instructional team to interpret signs into languages, and vice versa.

4. To work as a Sign Language Interpreter at St. Cloud District Schools. Leveraging knowledge of serving as an interpreter for deaf students.

5. To obtain a Sign Language Interpreter position at St. Peter’s School for the Hearing-impaired. Proficient in accurately interpreting spoken language into sign language, and the other way around.

6. Exceptionally talented Sign Language Interpreter enthusiastic to work for ABC Company. Skilled in using American Sign Language, and appropriate forms of manually coded English.

7. Driven Sign Language Interpreter looking for a position at X Company. Qualified to contribute to the development of IEP goals, modifications, and learning styles.

8. Seeking a position at XYZ Company where I can make the most of my 10+ years of experience in a wide range of sign language systems. Expert in serving as a liaison to promote good public relations between deaf students, hearing peers, and staff members.

9. Uniquely qualified Sign Language Interpreter seeking an opportunity to use my ability to transliterate American Sign Language and signed English into written and oral language.

10. Sign Language Interpreter position where I can use my skills and experience to assess language and communication models and settings and determine optimal linguistic equivalence.

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