Letter of Resignation Due to Family Emergency

Updated on: July 21, 2019

Companies ask for resignation letters as part of a set protocol.

If an employee intends to leave, they need to provide notice through a resignation letter in addition to detailing why they want to go.


The notice period in a resignation letter must coincide with the terms laid out in an employee’s contract or employment agreement.

An employer may consider a waiver if particular circumstances prevail, but a notice period must be respected in a letter of resignation.

If you have to resign due to a family emergency, you may not have the benefit of providing notice. In such a case, you need to give a detailed account of why you intend to leave and how you can meet the resignation policies as closely as possible.

Remember that your resignation is bound to leave the company in the woods so you must offer a solution when you resign.


While the company will be sympathetic towards your predicament, especially if it is a family emergency that is making you resign, it will also want you to fulfill your professional duty.

So while your resignation letter will be aimed at gaining sympathy, it should also offer a solution.

Here is an example that you can customize to write your own.

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Letter of Resignation Due to Family Emergency


July 21, 2019

Mr. William Cooper
Manager of Human Resource
GNC Corporation
66 Tyler Street
New York, NY 29746


Dear Mr. Cooper:

It is with a heavy heart that I am submitting my resignation from the position of Customer Service Manager from GNC Corporation. Since I was one of the founding employees of the company, I find it very hard to leave a job that I love, at an organization that has made me who I am in a professional capacity.

My wife was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer and we have been struggling to get through the days since her diagnosis. While the treatment that she is being offered in New York is quite good, we would like to take benefit from an experimental procedure that is only available in New Hampshire. Due to this, we have decided to move to Seabrook in New Hampshire by the middle of August. It was a tough decision for both of us, but at this point, we believe we have no other choice.

I am aware that having to move so soon does not allow me to provide much notice to you. However, in these two weeks, I will work hard to train my replacement, and once I have moved, I volunteer Skype sessions to complete the training. I am positive that this will resolve the problem as far as training my replacement is concerned, and the workflow should not be affected.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn and thrive in a customer service environment. This experience will help me immensely in finding a similar job when I move.




Todd Ridley
Customer Service Manager
GNC Corporation
66 Tyler Street
New York, NY 29746
Ext: 6521
Email: todd @ email . com