Member Service Representative Job Description

Updated on: March 27, 2019

Member Service Representative Position Overview

A member service representative works for the financial sector. Popular employment facilities are banks and credit unions.

Member service representatives provide one on one services to clients. They open and close accounts, and ensure that clients are well looked after.


Moreover, their work involves making transactions and ensuring that compliance issues do not arise. Many people working in this position also perform teller services.

Additionally, the work of a member service representative is to accept deposits and drafts and verify cash and endorsements. But many of them are also required to sell and cross-sell the bank or credit union’s products and services.



Job Requirements

In order to work as a member service representative, you do not need more than a high school diploma. However, some experience in the financial sector may be required.

As a member service representative, it is imperative that you possess the ability to handle a wide variety of tasks. These would include providing prompt, and professional service in many areas.

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Specifically, a member service representative performs the following duties:


Member Service Representative Job Description for Resume

• Greet customers as they arrive at the bank.

• Engage customers in conversation in order to determine their requirements.

• Provide customers with information such as products and services offered.

• Explain the benefits of each service.

• Assist customers in opening and closing accounts.

• Accept deposits and drafts for cashing purposes.

• Verify cash and endorsements and issue receipts.

• Process deposits and loans.

• Oversee the maintenance of all assigned accounts.

• Check accounts for problems such as discrepancies and errors.

• Correct errors in an urgent manner.

• Accept and check loan applications in order to ensure their accuracy and completeness.

• Process night deposits.

• Order checks and prepare account packets to be sent to new or potential clients.

• Respond to customers’ questions and queries over the telephone and in person.

• Identify account holders and verify account information.

• Ensure that all work processes are performed according to company and state compliance metrics.

• Perform tell functions along with balancing ATMs.

• Create and submit documents such as branch summaries.

• Receive and pay out money upon customers’ requests.

• Oversee branch vault duties, for example maintaining cash levels, determining weekly cash requirements, and ordering new notes and coins.

• Facilitate cash transfers between tells and vaults.

• Verify checks and cash.

• Review accounts in order to ensure that no fraudulent activities are taking place.

• Balance assigned cash drawers on a daily basis.




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