College Professor Recommendation Letter

Updated on: March 27, 2019

Overview & Guidelines

A college professor hoping to obtain a position in a different college, or even aspiring to move to another country will need to have a recommendation letter from a coworker or head of the department.

In such a letter, it is important to highlight his or her knowledge of the subject matter being taught.


If you have been asked to write such a letter, you have to be confident in the fact that you can write it effectively, and honestly.

Specifically, you will need to highlight the professor’s ability to impart knowledge.

Since colleges are not free from bad behavior, you will also have to focus on how well he or she can manage students.


If you are a college head, it is imperative that you tell a prospective employer what you feel about him or her as a person.

Since recommendation letters focus on both personal and professional aspects of an individual, it is important to highlight both. And to do this, you need to have the right information.

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Here is a sample recommendation letter, written by a head of the department for a college professor:


College Professor Recommendation Letter


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter in support of Ms. Lila Peg owing to her excellent knowledge of business studies, and her ability to impart this information in a professional manner. She has worked under my supervision at the University of Wisconsin for the 5 years. During her time here, I have found her to be exceptionally dedicated to her work and her students. 

Due to Ms. Peg’s excellent track record, she was awarded the Wisconsin Business Guild, which is a prestigious award given only to the best academic contributors. Her stance at life is uncomplicated which reflects on her delivery of business studies lectures. And she well-versed in many other areas such as student building and nurturing. Additionally, she is a perfectionist which makes it easy for her to impart education nothing less than the proper manner accepted by the masses.

In addition, Ms. Peg is a model conversationalist who perceives circumstances well and can efficiently handle adverse situations with great sensitivity. Also, she is a great credit to our university due to her constant involvement in various administrative aspects.

I fully recommend her for a professor position. I am available to talk to at (000) 789 7845 if the need arises.




Terrance Trent
Head of Business Administration
University of Wisconsin

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