Using position specific objective statements can be very effective for beginners in healthcare field. It is highly advisable to write very focused objective statements to get noticed.

New graduate registered nurses find it very challenging to come up with catchy and appropriate resume objective statements. The challenge is justified since today’s job market is very competitive and a resume topped with a poorly written objective stands no chance of being noticed favorably.

Look at the examples to write a catchy objective statement for your resume.


New Graduate RN Resume Objective Examples


Usage of verb driven objective statements creates a good impression on hiring managers. Do not forget to include your main skills that make you an ideal candidate for the position.

• Well trained registered nurse with an extensive knowledge of standard nursing protocols in clinical settings seeking work with ABC Hospital. Particularly effective in chart maintenance, post surgery supervision, and coordinating with doctors and staff regarding patient progress.

• Self-motivated and compassionate seeking a position as a Registered Nurse with Texas Clinic. Trained in dressing protocols, IV medications and other nursing tasks including catheter handling and passing stomach food pipes. Capable of communicating effectively with patient families and explaining treatment plans for chronic illnesses.

• A fully trained fresh RN seeking work with a renowned healthcare setting. Offering expertise in sample collection, canola passing, wound dressing, prescription monitoring and patient progress recording.

Another way to write your objective is to make a proper and vivid statement of the specific position you desire at the specific firm, mentioning some of your selling competencies that are meaningful for the potential target employer. For example:

• To obtain a fulltime RN position with XYZ Hospital where extensive training and acquired skills in patient care delivery, ward charts maintenance and medication administration could be utilized for the well being of resident and OPD patients.

• Seeking a position as a Registered Nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital. Bringing expertise in intra venous medication, surgical assistance and patient feeding.


No matter what objective format you choose, one point to keep in mind is to make your statement employer focused and not self centered. Present the employer with what you have to offer and how you can prove to be an asset to the organization rather than focusing on your personal career related goals.
Best of Luck!