Kitchen Helper Cover Letter Sample and Writing Guide

Updated on: September 25, 2020
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A kitchen helper cover letter is a 1-page document that goes along with your resume when you apply for a job. In order to make the most of this document, you have to write it as per the job description provided by the employer.

As a matter of fact, recruiters pay a lot of attention to the content of a kitchen helper cover letter. While the Kitchen Helper resume is as important, it is the cover letter that persuades the recruiter to take a look at your resume. 

When you begin writing your cover letter for the kitchen helper resume, make sure that it is written in a way that is acceptable as far as format and content are concerned.

Hiring managers need to know that you are a brilliant candidate. If you can convince them of this, you might as well have reached the interview stage!

A cover letter sample for a kitchen helper position is provided below for your reference:

Kitchen Helper Cover Letter Sample Banner

Sample Cover Letter for Kitchen Helper

John Jacobson
(000) 745-7854
[email protected]

September 25, 2020

Mr. Keith Warner
Human Resource Manager
ABC Company
199 Freddy Road
Oak Grove, KY 42262

Dear Mr. Warner:

This letter is a strong expression of interest in the kitchen helper position at ABC Company. I have high aspirations regarding kitchen assisting work and have been working as a kitchen helper for two years now. This experience, coupled with exceptional skills in managing a busy kitchen, makes me an excellent person to hire.

Throughout my career as a kitchen helper, I performed a combination of work duties, including cleaning and maintaining assigned areas, sanitizing worktables and counters, handling trash, and washing pots, pans, and trays.

In addition to that, I am also able to prepare raw items for cooking purposes, mixing ingredients for salads and marinating meats and vegetables. Since my expertise as a kitchen helper role went above and beyond the expectations, I have often been praised for my dedication and commitment.

With such a wide array of skills, backed by a strong desire to succeed and contribute, I am confident that my addition to your kitchen team will be a real success. To further highlight my suitability for a kitchen helper position at your company, I would like to answer a questionnaire and meet with you as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


John Jacobson
(000) 745-7854

Attachment: resume

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