Student Medical Assistant Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated on: May 6, 2022
How to Write a Professional Recommendation Letter for Medical Assistant Position?

A letter of recommendation for Medical Assistant Position should always start with a ‘To Whom It May Concern’ tagline unless specified otherwise.

These letters are usually written to introduce newly graduated student or a former employee to potential employers from the point of view of a teacher, mentor or employer.

The following sample letter of recommendation Medical Assistant position will be handy for candidates as well as employers and teachers.

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Medical Assistant Recommendation Letter Sample

May 6, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

It is an absolute pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Felix Jones who has been my student at XYZ College for three years. Felix was one of the most brilliant students in my class. I have had the good fortune to teach him over the last 3 years.

Felix’s is dedicated, diligent and is devoted to logic which has brought about his success in managing to attain an A grade in all his exams. Not only has he done exceptionally well in exams, but he also has proven to be a dedicated individual who has taken the initiative many times by volunteering to work at the college lab and providing voluntary services for local hospitals.

Additionally, he has written a paper on Strengthening Primary Care in the USA which has been an absolute credit to us. I am confident that he will become an excellent medical assistant as he has the amazing ability to draw out on his own experiences and observations to develop thoughtful opinions on many issues of great importance. Furthermore, I am sure he would not only prove to be an asset in routine work but also he will contribute his knowledge immensely to any organization that he works for.

I strongly recommend Felix for the position of a Medical Assistant at Family Health Care as I am confident that he is highly competent and passionate about the work that he does and intends to pursue. In case of any query, please contact me at the numbers below.

Sincere regards,

Allison Dodge
XYZ College, Houston TX
(999) 000-9999
(888) 000-8989

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