Employment recommendations are important documents as they assist ex-employees of a company in obtaining subsequent jobs. If you have been asked to write a recommendation letter for an account assistant, you must look into a few things first. Are you in a position to write a recommendation letter? Has the account assistant worked well enough for you to truthfully give him a recommendation? You can politely decline to write one if you do not think that it is your place to write one or if the employee does not deserve one.

Remember that the recommendation you provide will weigh down on you as responsibility. You may be questioned by a potential employer thinking of hiring the person in question, so you must write a recommendation letter, the contents of which you can truthfully verify. This is especially true for an account assistant position because working with clients’ accounts means that you are responsible for huge amounts of money. It is actually the individual’s integrity that you will vouch for in a recommendation letter so you have to word your letter carefully.

It is important to sound enthusiastic when writing a recommendation for an account assistant. Your recommendation letter may be the final deciding factor so you should be eloquent in what you write. Here is a sample that you can follow:

Recommendation Letter for Account Assistant

January 2, 2015


To Whom It May Concern

I have never before written a recommendation letter where the candidate and the position are such great fit. I have known Harrison Lox in a professional capacity for two years and have seen the remarkable transformation from an account intern to a full time account assistant in less than six months. As his direct supervisor, I can vouch for Harrison’s focus and knowledge of the clients’ accounts and accounting systems that are widely used nowadays.

Possessing a clear aptitude for handling client accounts, accounting controls and managing auditing duties, Harrison has been a credit to ABC Company. He has a strong conviction, tempered by good reason and judgment which are of the utmost important for someone working in the financial arena. Harrison was recently asked to assist me in resolving a complex discrepancy. He took over the investigation and provided me with a resolution within a few hours. Harrison’s talents and motivations are not just limited to his work. During staff shortage last summer, he offered to work extra hours to assist the marketing department in producing marketing spreadsheets.

Without hesitation, I recommend Harrison for an account manager position as I am confident of his ability of positively affecting the work environment he becomes part of. Please call me at (333) 333-3333 if you require any further information.



Colleen Firth
Account Manager
ABC Company
126 Gape Lane
Cleveland, TN 71937