Recommendation Letter Strengths and Weaknesses Examples

Updated: March 22, 2023

Writing a recommendation letter is difficult, and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of an employee is even more difficult.

Experts say that writing about an employee’s weaknesses is not the best thing that you can do in a recommendation letter. After all, you don’t want it to seem as if you are not really recommending the person!

As far as strengths are concerned, you can say a lot. However, you cannot simply say that the person for whom you are writing a recommendation is strong in a particular area.

You also have to give examples. For instance, for a person who has great communication skills, you can highlight how he or she helped the school or organization with that particular strength.

Let’s take a look at some examples of strengths that you can write in a recommendation letter, with some insight into how to mask weaknesses:

Recommendation Letter Strengths and Weaknesses Examples

Sample Strengths and Weaknesses for a Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter Strengths

  1. Well-versed in communicating with people from different backgrounds.
  2. Exceptionally talented in providing great customer service to bring more business.
  3. Strong work ethic, aimed at working diligently with others.
  4. Positive “Can-do” attitude.
  5. Ability to take and follow instructions precisely.
  6. Effectively able to make decisions by gathering the right type of information.
  7. Expert in resolving issues that require great analytic and problem-solving abilities.
  8. Demonstrated ability to gather, analyze, and manage information.
  9. Able to work collaboratively in a team environment, as well as independently.
  10. Experienced in providing on-time services to the assigned accounts.
  11. Fast learner, with an inherent will to learn new technologies.
  12. Documented success in writing creatively.
  13. Competent in taking and recording dictation.
  14. Able to determine the need for delegation, and effectively delegate tasks to the right people.
  15. Proven ability to create and maintain filing systems in accordance with set standards.

Recommendation Letter Weaknesses

It is not recommended that you should not include the weaknesses of the employee in the recommendation letter. In case you have to do so, then add their weaknesses in a positive light.

  1. Takes too many risks, and came out shining every time.
  2. Reluctant in delegating tasks because he or she likes to do them all.
  3. Performance compromised under pressure.
  4. Excessive sensitivity, which compromised sales efforts.
  5. Covers for coworkers as a sign of solidarity.
  6. Shifts between projects, while handling two or more together.
  7. Too detail-oriented, even where it is not required.
  8. Tries to get perfection in all tasks even when it is not required.
  9. Work continuously for too many hours without a break.

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