8 Sample Objectives for Spa Receptionist Resume

Updated on: July 29, 2020

Spa receptionists are employed by private spas, beauty salons, and hotels that offer spa services. They are the first point of contact when a client calls a spa or walks in.

Spa receptionists are expected to provide information to the clients. They greet customers, ask them their service preferences, and provide them with information that they need.

They are supposed to provide quality client services by ensuring that clients are comfortable. Also, they offer tea or water and engage in small talk with clients to make them feel at home.

Applicants for a spa receptionist’s position require resumes that show customer service orientation. If you are preparing your resume for the Spa Receptionist job, you may be interested in the following resume objectives.

Spa Receptionist Resume Objectives Examples

1. Seeking a position as a Spa Receptionist with Amulet Spa. Offers 4+ years’ hands-on experience in providing excellent tier-one service in a health and beauty environment. Bilingual: English and Spanish.

2. Looking for a Spa Receptionist position at Beach Resorts. Bringing a verifiable track record of managing the reception area and providing exceptional first contact services to the clients.

3. To work for Hyatt as a Spa Receptionist. Offering first-class people skills, keen knowledge of imparting spa services, and the ability to maintain and manage the reception area effectively.

4. To acquire a Spa Receptionist position with Corona Resorts where a strong knowledge of scheduling and coordinating appointments, managing up-selling activities, and handling clients’ queries effectively can be used to provide professionalism to the spa.

5. Desire a Spa Receptionist position at Nirvana. Bringing professional appearance, courteous manner, acute knowledge of spa services, and the ability to sell appropriate spa services and products to individual clients.

6. Energetic and service-focused Spa Receptionist with a passion for providing luxury service. Eager to contribute to Edgewood Tahoe Resort to maximize the efficiency of the spa section.

7. Solution-oriented and guest-focused Spa Receptionist poised to contribute to ABC Company. Excellent phone etiquette and ability to communicate well.

8. Spa receptionist with hands-on experience in the hospitality arena seeking a position with Treetops Resort. Leveraging the ability to multitask, attention to detail, and time management skills to ensure exceptional service.

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