6 Spa Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 3, 2021

An interview is usually your only chance to meet with a prospective employer and impress him or her in person.

Interviews are big deals. Preparing for an interview requires a lot of research at your end.

But once you have thoroughly researched the company, you can consider yourself more than half prepared.

The rest?

Well, look at the set of interview questions and answers below to prepare for the rest:

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6 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Spa Receptionist 

1. Do you think that spas need receptionists?

Where spas were once very private affairs, they have now become huge businesses that need a specific form of hierarchy to help run it. I believe that a receptionist is essential to portray a positive image of the facility before a client tastes the services and to provide administrative and clerical support.

2. What have been your main duties while working as a spa receptionist in the past?

As a spa receptionist, I have operated the front desk and provided information to walk-in customers, handled telephone calls, scheduled appointments, and upsold the spa’s retail products.

3. What skills do you believe a spa receptionist needs to possess to be successful at this position?

A spa receptionist must be pleasant at all times, along with possessing excellent customer service awareness, the ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time, and handle cashiering services. Many times, a spa receptionist is asked to double as a therapist or an assistant, so it is essential to know at least some of the services that spas offer.

4. How do you handle demanding clients?

I have just one policy for irate clients. I keep my temper in check and never respond harshly. Even if the client is unreasonable or abusive, I maintain my peace and involve a manager if I cannot calm him or her down.

5. If you were asked to assist in a service capacity on a hectic day at a spa, what area would you be most comfortable working in?

Before I opted to work as a spa receptionist, I earned a diploma in skincare. So I am comfortable giving simple facials and performing cleansing and waxing work.

6. What is your approach for handling the cashiering side of your work?

I am very diligent when it comes to money. All cash payments are counted twice and so is change before it is tendered. I also place all entries, whether cash or credit, into a journal as a double-check, and ensure that the cash register is balanced properly before my shift ends.