Law Office Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 19, 2018

The job application set demands the presence of a well-written cover letter.

Without one, it is impossible for hiring managers to consider your application as complete.

According to popular belief, the cover letter is merely an adornment to the resume. In actuality, your cover letter provides a lot of information that the resume fails to elicit.

One of the main reasons that an applicant is required to write a cover letter is to make it known to a prospective employer what skills and abilities he or she has. While this information is also available on the resume, the cover letter gives it a more “human” touch. Making sure that your cover letter speaks volumes for your candidature is imperative.

And this can only be done if you provide the right information, and that too in a structured manner.

To see how you can write a cover letter for a law firm receptionist position, have a look at the following sample:


Law Office Receptionist Cover Letter Sample



April 19, 2018

Mr. Larry Cooper
Human Resource Manager
Lawyers Inc.
47 Great Wall Road SE
Rapid City, SD 88344


Dear Mr. Cooper:

My prime reason for applying for a receptionist position at your firm is the fact that the firm holds great meaning to me, due to its exceptional contribution to the society in a legal role. With over 4 years of experience as a law firm receptionist, I am positive that I can do justice to the work. If you look through the enclosed resume, you will know exactly what I mean.

Manning the front desk of a busy law office, ensuring that all first-tier tasks are completed proactively is my niche. Operating telephone exchanges, providing preliminary information regarding the firm’s services, and ensuring that appointments and calendars are properly managed, are just some of my strong points.

In the role of a law firm receptionist, I have often been called upon to provide research assistance, to determine case precedents, an area that I am fully functional in. Moreover, my skills in handling case record management activities and managing correspondence is exceptional, as will be obvious once I am hired for this position.

To provide you with a more profound picture of my abilities and qualifications as a law firm receptionist, I will call you soon to set up a time for an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Simone Rodriguez

(000) 524-9656

Enc: (Resume)